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SUMS is the acronym of the Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students. It is the designed departmental student government. It offers services such as locker rental, apparel sale, exams review sessions. It also organises events such as the Awkward Mixer and Semi-formal, Wine and Cheese, Career Fair. The McGill Undergraduate Geography Society (MUGS) has graciously offered to share their lounge with math students. The door is open on weekdays, and the lounge can be found at BURN 305.


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Email: sums.mcgill [at]

Directed Reading Program (DRP)

The Directed Reading Program (DRP) is a program which pairs undergraduate students interested in research with graduate students in the appropriate field. The purpose of the program is to give undergraduate students an opportunity to connect with graduate students who can give them a taste for graduate-level research projects and reading assignments, as well as give them advice for their transition from undergraduate to graduate school.


Soup and Science

Soup and Science is held for one week at the start of each fall and winter term. Each day at lunch, undergraduate science students are invited to see and hear some of our coolest professors give short presentations about their research. Then as you mingle over lunch, you
will be able to find out more about their research and how you can participate. Come and discover some of the opportunities that exist both within and outside your own departments.


Equity in Math

This is a group of students and staff from the Math and Stats department who want to learn about issues of equity, diversity and inclusion in the mathematical sciences, in education, and beyond. Various activities are offered: a reading group, workshops, etc. You may join the mailing list here (you will need to have McGill's VPN or be on campus), or email rosalie.belanger-rioux [at] to stay up-to-date on events.

Queer McGill

Queer McGill (QM) is a service available through the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU), and is a social, political, and informational support service provided by queer students for queer students. QM hosts events (i.e. weekly board game nights to workshops about
queer-related issues) and provides resources (i.e. books and literature as well as safer sex


Queer Engineer

Queer Engineer (QE) is an EUS club at McGill University that strives to provide a safe and welcoming environment for gender and sexual minorities, both within the Faculty of Engineering and McGill as a whole. QE’s main events are networking events, socials and activities, and study parties.


Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) is an international society of supporters (women and men!) of women in math. The AWM offers several programs, events, funding opportunities, and resources. Of note, they offer an international mentoring program, which anyone can sign up for:


McGill Women in Computer Science (McWICSs)

McWiCSs seeks to cultivate a warm, open-minded community of techies dedicated to supporting and encouraging women and non-binary people in computer science.

Facebook Community Group:

Email: team [at]

Women in Physics

The Women in Physics committee at McGill is a group of students and faculty members who are passionate about issues faced by women and other minority groups in physics.



International Student Services (ISS)

International Student Services supports the growth, progress, and success of international students at McGill, and aims to ease their transition to a new school, a new home and a new country.


First People's House

McGIll’s First People’s House strives to provide a “home away from home” for First Nations, Inuit and Métis students at McGill University. It is a resource, residence, gathering place, and community.


Anti-Black Racism Resources

McGill has prepared a list of resources specific to Anti-Black Racism. This includes self-care resources for Black members of our community, as well as educational resources for those who want to learn more about these issues, and what we can do to address them on a personal level.


Black Students' Network of McGill

The Black Students’ Network (BSN) is a service provided through the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU), and is available to all McGill students who are interested in the affairs of Black students and those of the larger African Diaspora. We host a range of social and political events by and for Black Students, in addition to hosting discussions and providing mentoring and resources.


STEMM Diversity at McGill Mentorship Program

STEMM Diversity at McGill is a student-driven initiative with a recently launched mentorship program. The goal is to break the barriers that impede undergraduate and graduate students in under-represented groups within STEMM. Through an individualized mentorship program, they pair undergraduate or incoming graduate students (mentees) with graduate student (mentors) to support them in their academic trajectories while creating an open community, where all concerns can be voiced and knowledge is shared. Check out their link to sign up as a mentee or mentor


Diversity in Math Club

The Diversity in Math club at McGill university is dedicated to inspire people from all backgrounds to explore and develop their passion for mathematics. They provide mentorship and networking opportunities to encourage students from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue mathematics-related careers, and host community-building events to foster an open learning environment in mathematics for underrepresented minorities and allies. They also push to raise awareness about the need for more diversity in mathematics


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Email: diversityinmath [at]

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