The GRADPROG listserv is made up of approximately 500 graduate administrators on a dynamic opt-in/opt-out basis. It is intended as a means of sharing and disseminating information regarding procedures, policies, issues, deadlines and events that are of importance to graduate students and postdocs, as well as to faculty and staff members of their academic units.

Messages are sent from various units within Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and Enrolment Services as well as forwarded on behalf of external funding and research bodies. It is the responsibility of departmental GPDs and GPCs to forward relevant GRADPROG messages to staff, students and postdocs in their units. In this way, staff and students not subscribed to GRADPROG themselves will still receive important announcements as forwarded to their departmental listservs by their GPD or GPC.

GRADPROG subscription requests should be emailed to sajana.jayasinghearachchilage [at] (Sajana Jayasinghe).
Please note that GRADPROG subscription is reserved for graduate administrative and academic staff at McGill.

If you would like to submit a GRADPROG message for dissemination, please contact sajana.jayasinghearachchilage [at] (Sajana Jayasinghe).


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