Professors Russell Davidson, Jean-Marie Dufour, Victoria Zinde-Walsh and John Galbraith

Professor Ngo Van Long

Professors Erin Strumpf and Markus Poschke

Professor Sonia Laszlo

Professors Paul Dickinson and Ken Mackenzie

Principal and Vice-Chancellor Heather Monroe-Blum, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, and then-Department Chair William Watson before Mr. Flaherty's talk to the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada (March 2009)

Professors Hassan Benchekroun and Franque Grimard

Professors Christopher Ragan, Tom Naylor, Licun Xue and William Watson

Professors Chris Green, Jagdish Handa, Kari Levitt, Myron Frankman and Tony Deutsch

Professors Rohan Dutta, Francisco Alvarez-Cuadrado, Daniel Barczyk and Matthieu Chemin

Professor Jean-Marie Dufour wins Prix du Quebec and receives the Order of Canada (November 2008)

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​Markus Poschke winner of the 2018 Bank of Canada Governor’s Award

Professor Markus Poschke was selected as the recipient of this year’s Bank of Canada Governor’s Award. As their press release states, "Professor Poschke is an increasingly prominent member of the Canadian economics community. His research, which focuses on inequality and economic growth, has been published in some of the top journals in macroeconomics."


The curious relationship between economic conditions and mortality

Professor Erin Strumpf was recently interviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition by Hidden Brain host Shankar Vedantam.

They discussed her 2017 study showing that increases in unemployment during the Great Recession led to declines in mortality, particularly due to cardiovascular disease and motor vehicle accidents.


Jean-Marie Dufour a Canadian fellow

Jean-Marie Dufour has been named a Fellow of the Canadian Economics Association. As the citation says, the title “is conferred to recognize the achievements and contribution to the discipline of the most prominent economists who have spent a significant portion of their career in Canada.” 

With Professor Dufour’s inclusion, there are now 18 such Fellows. McGill has two: Prof. Russell Davidson and Prof. Dufour. For more information, see here.


Francisco Ruge-Murcia recipient of the 2017 Bank of Canada Fellowship Award

Professor Francisco Ruge-Murcia has won the prestigious Bank of Canada Fellowship Award. As the Bank’s press release says: "The Fellowship Award provides financial support to leading academics who are widely recognized for their expertise and excellence in areas important to the Bank’s core functions, and whose research contributes to the development of knowledge and research capabilities in those areas. The Fellowship Award provides annual funding of up to $90,000 for a term of up to five years, and recipients are professors in tenure or tenure-track positions at Canadian universities.

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen S. Poloz is quoted in the press release: “I am pleased to recognize, through this year’s Fellowship Award, Professor Ruge-Murcia’s remarkable capacity for bringing state-of-the-art research methods to bear on topics of direct interest to the Bank. His record of academic excellence is remarkable, and I look forward to his continued high-quality and innovative work in the years ahead.”

Professor Ruge-Murcia is the second member of the Department to win this award. Professor Jean-Marie Dufour was a Bank Fellow from 2007-11 and then again from 2012-16.

More information is available here.

Bank of Canada announces winners of the 2017 annual Governor’s Challenge: McGill Economics – Again!

A team from McGill Economics has won the Bank of Canada’s Governor’s Competition for the second year in a row. This year’s winning team consists of Eric Blachut, Jules Boudreau, Baptiste Cumin, Kurt Vogt Gwerder, and Ludovic van den Bergen. As was the case last year, the team’s academic advisers were Professors Francisco Ruge-Murcia and Christopher Ragan. Congratulations to all concerned! It’s a real tribute to McGill’s expertise in monetary policy. The award is only two years old so McGill is its only winner so far.

Link to the Bank’s announcement here.  See also the McGill Reporter’s story on the win here.

The Governor and the winning team, LtoR, Front row:  Ludovic van den Bergen, Stephen Poloz (Governor of the Bank of Canada), Kurt Vogt Gwerder. Second row: Jules Boudreau, Prof. Francisco Ruge-Murcia, Eric Blachut. Back row: Prof. Christopher Ragan, Baptiste Cumin.

Jean-Marie Dufour, Econometric Society honoured

Jean-Marie Dufour, representing the Econometric Society  was honoured for its 11th World Congress, held in Montreal in August 2015, with one of three Prix Club des Ambassadeurs du Palais des congrès de Montréal – Fonds de recherche du Québec, "qui reconnaissent le travail de chercheurs s’étant investis dans l’organisation de grands congrès scientifiques internationaux.”  Félicitations à tous nos économtriciens et économitriciennes.