Research Highlights

Research Highlights

McGill Economics Research Highlights

Research highlights of new publications, working papers, books, new grants, or other research-related material.

An international research team led by Francesco Amodio was awarded a SSHRC Insight Grant of $147,838 for the project "Labor Market Power, Industrial Development and Economic Growth".

Tiffanie PerraultEmmanuelle Auriol and Alice Mesnard published Weeding out the dealers? The economics of cannabis legalizationJournal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol. 216, 62-101 (December 2023)

Tiffanie Perrault, Emmanuelle Auriol and Alice Mesnard published Temporary foreign work permits: Honing the tools to defeat human smuggling, European Economic Review, vol. 160, 62-101 (November 2023)

Daniel Barczyk, Sean Fahle and Matthias Kredler published Save, Spend or Give? A Model of Housing, Family Insurance, and Savings in Old Age, Review of Economic Studies, vol. 90, issue 5, 2116-2187 (October 2023)

Daniel Barczyk received a Horizon Europe Grant ($478,944) for 2023-2026 from the European Commission investigating the future of the baby boomers and their children.

Matthieu Chemin published The Supreme Court Needs the Judicial Reforms We Champion for Everyone Else, Scientific American (May 2023)

David Bounie, Youssouf Camara, John W. Galbraith published Consumers' Mobility, Expenditure and Online-Offline Substitution Response to COVID-19: Evidence from French Transaction Data, Ungated, European Economic Review (January 2023)

‪Kaywana Raeburn, Sonia Laszlo, and Jim Engle-Warnick published Resolving ambiguity as a public good: Experimental evidence from GuyanaTheory and Decision. (October 2022)

Francesco Amodio, Pamela Medina and Monica Morlacco have a new CEPR Working Paper entitled Labor Market Power, Self-employment and Development. (September 2022)

Francesco Amodio received a Structural Transformation and Economic Growth (STEG) grant for a project entitled: “FDI, Labor Market Power, and Structural Transformation” (with H. Pham and M. Sanfilippo). (June 2022)

Leonie Baumann received an FRQSC research grant ($45,000 CA) to support new academics. The project title is Preuves stochastiques dans les reseaux sociaux competitifs / Stochastic evidence in competitive networks. (June 2022)

A research team on “Inequality” led by Markus Poschke was awarded a new FRQSC Research Team Grant of $240,000. Team members are Rui Castro, Nicolas Gendron-Carrier and Fabian Lange as well as Raquel Fonseca (UQAM) Joao Galindo da Fonseca, Baris Kaymak and Immo Schott (Université de Montréal). (June 2022)

Erin C. Strumpf (Health theme) and Markus Poschke (Inequality and poverty theme) were appointed by Cirano as new principal investigators who will be in charge of leading research in two of CIRANO's major research themes. (June 2022)

Erin C. Strumpf, Laurie J. Goldsmith, Caroline E. King, Ruth Lavergne, Rita McCracken, Kimberlyn M. McGrail et Leora Simon published Measuring Access to and Quality of Primary Care in Quebec: Insights from Research on Patient Enrolment Policies, Cirano (June 2022)

Gaurab Aryal, Manudeep Bhuller and Fabian Lange published Signaling and Employer Learning with Instruments, American Economic Review, Vol. 112, Issue 5 (May 2022)

Robert Goulden, Brian H. Rowe, Michal Abrahamowicz, Erin Strumpf, Robyn Tamblyn published Association of intravenous contrast with renal function: a regression discontinuity analysis, JAMA Internal Medicine, online first  (April 2022)

Gerard van der Meijden, Cees Withagen and Hassan Benchekroun published An Oligopoly-Fringe Model with HARA Preferences, Dynamic Games and Applications, 1-23 (March 19, 2022)

Jennifer A. Hutcheon, Erin C. Strumpf, Jessica Liauw, M. Amanda Skoll, Peter Socha, Myriam Srour, Joseph Y. Ting and Sam Harper published Antenatal corticosteroid administration and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in childhood: a regression discontinuity study, CMAJ, 194 (7) E235-E241 (February 2022)

Erin C. Strumpf, Nichole Austin, Ariella Lang, Shelley Derksen, James Bolton, Marni Brownell, Patricia Gregory, Dan Chateau, Maureen Heaman published The effects of early pregnancy loss on health outcomes and health care utilization and costs, HSR (January 2022)

Miao Dai, Hassan Benchekroun and Ngo Van Long published On the profitability of cross-ownership in Cournot nonrenewable resource oligopolies: Stock size matters, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 111, 102597 (January 2022)

Rohan Dutta, David K. Levine and Salvatore Modica published Interventions with Sticky Social Norms: A Critique, Journal of European Economic Association (February 2022)

Nicolas Gendron-Carrier, Marco Gonzalez-Navarro, Stefano Polloni and Matthew Turner published Subways and Urban Air PollutionUngatedAmerican Economic Journal: Applied Economics, Volume 14, No. 1 (January 2022)

Daniel Barczyk and Matthias Kredler published Blast from the past: The altruism model is richer than you think, Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 198 (December 2021)

Francesco Amodio and Miguel A. Martinez-Carrasco published Workplace Incentives and Organizational Learning, forthcoming, Journal of Labor Economics, Podcast (December 2021)

Leah Brooks, Nicolas Gendron-Carrier, and Gisela Rua published The Local Impact of ContainerizationUngatedJournal of Urban Economics, Volume 126 (November 2021)

Gino Boily, Aude-Christine Guédon, Kossi Thomas Golo, Samia Qureshi, Camille Lehuédé, Erin Strumpf published Création et caractérisation d’une cohorte québécoise de patients atteints d’un cancer du poumon à l’aide de données clinico-administratives, État de pratiques: Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociauxINESSS, Québec, 152p. (October 2021)

Adam Aberra and Matthieu Chemin published Does legal representation increase investment? Evidence from a field experiment in KenyaUngated Journal of Development Economics. (May 2021)

Erin Strumpf received a grant ($371,971 CAD) Project Grant from Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Project: Making the most of Canada's "natural laboratory": advancing difference-in-differences methods for unpoolable data. (March 2021)

Matthieu Chemin received a research grant ($272,713 USD) Innovations for Poverty Action. (2021)

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