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McGill Academic Calendars

McGill's 11 faculties and 14 schools, on three campuses, offer programs of study in some 300 areas. The academic calendars below are catalogs of programs, courses, policies, and other important information.

All of McGill's academic calendars are housed on the eCalendar.

If you're looking for a list of important course-related dates, visit the Important Dates website.

Navigating the Calendars

  • The eCalendar's Faculties & Schools page is a good place to start; it provides a site map and overview of academic units within each of McGill's faculties and schools.
  • You can search All Courses and All Programs to jump straight to a specific course or program and view its details and requirements.
  • For general university policies such as GPA guidelines, application procedures, and more, refer to the University Regulations and Resources section.
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