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Welcome to McGill's eCalendar 2016–2017

This eCalendar lists programs, courses, and other important information for the 2016–2017 academic year. PDF compilations of eCalendar content appear on the right-hand side where available, though PDF content is static and may not reflect the most recent program and course changes. The various sections (Undergraduate, Continuing Studies, Health Sciences, Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, and Summer Studies) are published here throughout the year.

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Browse the faculties & schools page for an overview of academic units within each faculty or school, and jump straight to the information you're looking for.

Search by all courses, all programs, the entire eCalendar, or within a specific faculty, or visit Minerva Class Schedule for complete class scheduling info.

Regulations & Resources contains general university information and policies for students such as grading & GPA, admissions, and application procedures.

Get involved in McGill community life while having fun and meeting people! Engage McGill lists Support Resources; Clubs & Services; Employment, Internships & Research; and more

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