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A guide and overview to getting engaged in University and student-led groups and events across both campuses.

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McGill MyInvolvement logo.

For current McGill students, myInvolvement is a web-based tool designed to showcase workshops, events and volunteer opportunities at McGill. Through this portal, students can search for, register for, and track their participation in eligible out-of-classroom activities through a co-curricular record (CCR).

Please note that myInvolvement is still in development and not all University and student-run organizations are currently involved.



Check out the Emerging Leaders Program!

Our workshops help McGill students with their personal and leadership development! These student-facilitated, 55-minute sessions are a great way to learn more about yourself and your leadership abilities while at university. 


FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS: Download the PDF icon Getting Involved Booklet for First-Year Students for suggested engagement opportunities!

Also, check out our presentation on above at the top of the page and our webinar series for more helpful information.