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A student volunteer uses a megaphone to address a crowd during orientation.

Campus Life & Engagement (also known as CL&E, pronounced "clay") supports your transition to and connection with McGill campus life. Wherever you are in your student journey, we’re here to support you.

If you’re getting ready to come to campus, we email you throughout the summer with important dates, tips, and information to help start your university career off strong. We organize Orientation, guiding you around campus and helping you get to know McGill. And we’re with you throughout your time at McGill with events, volunteer opportunities, and community engagement.  

We're always happy to hear from you!

Opening Hours

9:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday-Friday



cle [at] (general)
firstyear [at] (new student-related inquiries)

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Our Team

  • Director: stephane.cardinal2 [at] (Stéphane Cardinal)
  • Administrative Assistant: patricia.strutz [at] (subject: Contact%20us) (Patricia Strutz)
  • Senior Administrative Coordinator: sara.rajchgot [at] (Sara Rajchgot)
  • Associate Director, Student Involvement: victor.sanchezlopez [at] (Victor Sanchez-Lopez)
  • Student Involvement Advisor: elizabeth.lallemand [at] (Elizabeth Lallemand)
  • Associate Director, New Student Experience: annie.campbell [at] (Annie Campbell)
  • Student Life Associate: christopher.stephens [at] (Christopher Stephens)
  • Student Life Associate: jennifer.burgess [at] (Jennifer Burgess)

Student Staff

Our team is supported by the amazing creativity, dedication, and work of our student staff:

  • Student Involvement Program Assistant: Apollo
  • Student Involvement Program Assistant: Romane
  • Student Involvement Program Assistant: Srini
  • Student Life Programs Assistant: Alice
  • Student Life Programs Assistant: Marissa
  • Volunteer and Event Management: Arielle
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