First People's House



First People's House

McGill's First Peoples' House provides a sense of community and a voice to Indigenous students who have left their home communities in order to pursue higher education. It is our hope that the education that Indigenous students receive here at McGill will benefit their communities. We welcome all Indigenous students including Métis, the Inuit, & First Nations (both "status" & "non-status"), Maori and Aborigines.

Mission & Team

Here to support the success of Indigenous Students.

Traditional Territory

McGill University is located on the lands of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations. This page explains the significance of land acknowledgements and how to make them successful. 

Prospective Students

Learn about McGill’s Indigenous Admissions Protocol and more.

Student Support

Providing support to students is the reason why First People's House exists. We are here to provide academic, cultural, and community support, as well as other resources to make sure Indigenous students succeed and thrive at McGill. 


McGill's Indigenous Initiatives has a multi-level resource page for Indigenous and non-Indigneous people alike


The First Peoples' House also serves as a residence for Indigenous Undergraduate and Graduate students.


The First Peoples' House hosts a series of events including Powwows and Feasts aimed at fostering community bonds.

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