First Peoples' House Residence

The First Peoples’ House also functions as a home away from home for Indigenous students by providing a spacious and welcoming residence for both undergraduate and graduate students. Located in an attractive red stone building adjacent to McGill’s Downtown campus, the four-storey house provides 10 single-occupancy rooms, with rooms being given priority to Indigenous students. The number of available spaces available each year varies, as resident students may renew their lease for the duration of their full-time studies at McGill.

Occupancy begins on September 1st and ends on July 31st, with monthly rent being set at $565/month. This rate includes electricity, utilities, and wifi. Furthermore, you have the ability to move into your unit earlier upon discussion with Hospitality Services.

Residences Admissions arranges priority for accommodation to Indigenous students, you can contact the Residence Admissions office or by phone at 514-398-6368 before June 1st.  The number of available rooms varies year after year, as students may choose to renew their lease for the duration of their time at McGill.

Residence Highlights:

Co-ed house with single bedrooms and shared living and kitchen areas.
1o single bedrooms (availability varying on depending on year).
Electricity, hot water, heating, utilities, and wifi included in rent
Bedrooms: single size bed and mattress, desk and study chair, dresser, bookshelf, night table, and vertical blinds (furnishings may vary slightly depending on room size).
ID card access door for security, as well as OneCard operated laundry facilities in residence.
Shared living spaces:

Shared kitchen: Stoves, fridges, microwave, sink, dining table, chairs, in addition to ample cupboard and counter space.

Shared living room: TV equipped with entertainment and video game console, sofas, chairs, coffee tables, in addition to a medicine wheel table, as well as a larger open area used for weekly drumming, weekly beading circles, and Indigenous dance classes.
Conference Room: Available for meetings, or as a study space, with whiteboards, and access to the First Peoples' House library offering a variety of literature regarding Indigenous peoples' as well as books required for Indigenous studies courses.
Reading room: Access to our cosy First Peoples' House reading room, equipped with chairs and tables. The room is also made available for one-on-one meetings with our Elder-in-residence, our Indigenous Counselor, or any of the First Peoples' House support staff.



Features of The House

The First Peoples’ House offers a multitude of services for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students. We provide an open and inclusive space for students as they pursue their educational goals. Our re-furnished lounge and work study areas provide a comfortable place for students to decompress in between classes, mingle with their peers, enjoy a cup of coffee, browse the web, or read a book.


Frequently Asked Questions- 

Do I have to purchase a Onecard meal plan if I choose to live at the First Peoples’ House?

No, living at the First Peoples’ House gives you the option of opting out of the meal plans offered by McGill. However, if you would still like to, you have the option of purchasing either the Saver Meal Plan or the Mandatory Meal Plan. Just log into Minerva ~ Student Menu ~ Student Accounts Menu ~ Meal Plans Menu and pick which meal plan you’d like to purchase.

Can I pay for laundry services with cash?

No, the laundry services only take from money from your OneCard. This is a convenient service where you can access tax-free services on campus in addition to laundry services. Consult Hospitality Services for more information.

Does living in the First Peoples’ House still allow me to enjoy fun first-year activities like Rezfest?

Yes! You still get every opportunity to enjoy the full first-year experience, in addition to all the great benefits of being a resident at the First Peoples’ House.

How do the common spaces work?

The First Peoples' House offers a shared kitchen for its residents, which includes two fridges, two ovens, as well as ample space for storing all food and ingredients. Furthermore, each floor of the First Peoples' House comes equipped with its own bathroom, with the main floor of the First Peoples' House having both a wheelchair accessible bathroom in addition to a secondary bathroom




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