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Food Science is a multi-disciplinary field involving chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, microbiology and engineering to give one the scientific knowledge to solve real problems associated with food product development. Food Science is still a relatively new and growing discipline, brought about mainly as a response to the social changes taking place in North America and other parts of the developed world. The current  trend towards merger between food and pharmaceutical   industries to produce the next generation of new food products such as functional foods and nutraceuticals is the biggest challenge facing the discipline of Food Science today. You can be part of it.

McGill's Food Science program has been designed to combine the basic sciences with specialty courses that are directly related to the discipline. Students can choose to specialize in Food Chemistry, or in Food  Science. After their graduation, students in the Food Chemistry Option may become eligible to enter the Ordre des chimistes du Québec. The Food Science and Food Chemistry programs are approved by the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology and the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT in the United States).

McGill also offers Honors  Programs, Minor in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship, Concurrent Degree Program, a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, Non-Thesis Masters Program in Food Sciences and in Food Safety in addition to traditional research based MSc and PhD graduate studies  in Food Science.


Shining a Light on Food Poisonin

Eurofins Food Safety Systems Partners with McGill University for Public Food Safety Training for Canadian Food Manufacturers




Food Science & Agricultural Chemistry 30th Anniversary Celebration

International Symposium on the Maillard Reaction

September 10-13, Montreal, Canada


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