Staff and Research

BAYEN, Stephane

Associate Professor & Chair
Analysis of trace chemical contaminants in food and environmental matrices; chemical risks in the food and feed chain; contaminant-food matrix interactions; bioavailability; human health risk assessment.  Aquatic chemistry.
T: 514 398-8618  |  stephane.bayen [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS1-038


Associate Professor; Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Sustainable Nanotechnology for Food and Agriculture
Understanding the health risk of nanomaterials and developing safety assured nanotechnology for food and agricultural applications.
T: 514-398-7920  | [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building MS1-039

ISMAIL, Ashraf

Associate Professor; Director, McGill IR Group
The study of food and biological systems by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.  Development of new methods for bacteria identification.
T: 514 398-7991  |  ashraf.ismail [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building MS3-068


Associate Dean (Research); Associate Professor
Innovative green bioprocesses for the synthesis of novel food ingredients and nutraceuticals; Discovery and biochemical characterization of carbohydrate-active enzymes for the synthesis of tailored prebiotic oligosaccharides and functional polysaccharides from abundant simple sugars; Developing modified proteins via enzymatic cross-linking or conjugation with oligo/polysaccharides and understanding their molecular properties; Enzyme technology solutions towards efficient biomass conversion into highly valuable bioactive products.
T: 514 398-8666  |  salwa.karboune [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS1-040

Xiaonan Lu, Ian & Jayne Munro Chair in Food Safety, McGill UniversityLU, Xiaonan

Associate Professor; William Dawson Scholar; Ian & Jayne Munro Chair in Food Safety
Food safety; food microbiology; molecular microbiology; microbial ecology; rapid detection; biosensor; instrumentation; analytical chemistry; food sustainability; food synthetic biology; cellular agriculture; food microbiota; gut microbiota; food authentication
T: 514-398-7921  | [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS1-036

RAMASWAMY, Hosahalli S.

Food processing. Thermal processing of foods and related process calculations. Overpressure processing of foods in thin profile packages. Continuous aseptic processing of low acid liquid and particulate foods. Food sterilization in rotational autoclaves. Microwave processing. Ultra high pressure processing.
T: 514 398 7919  |  hosahalli.ramaswamy [at] (Email)  | Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS1-032

Jennifer RonholmRONHOLM, Jennifer

Associate Professor (cross-appointed with Animal Science); William Dawson Scholar; Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Agricultural Microbiology
Next-generation sequencing techniques to study the microbiome of food-producing animals; correlations between intestinal microbial populations and various health outcomes; generation of healthier cattle herds.
T: 514-398-7923 | jennifer.ronholm [at] (Email) | Macdonald-Stewart Building MS1-030

SIMPSON, Benjamin

Speciality enzymes from marine animals: their use in the transformation of foodstuffs and by-products of agricultural harvesting and processing into value-added products of commercial relevance (e.g., collagen, gelatin, natural pigments, bioactive peptides, antioxidants, etc.).
Tel.: 514-398-7737  |  benjamin.simpson [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building MS1-031

WANG, Yixiang

Assistant Professor
Development of natural polymer based materials - nano/micro particles, nano/micro fibers, composite films, and hydrogels; understanding of relationship between molecular structure and functional properties.
T: 514 398-7922  | [at] ( Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-016 

YAYLAYAN, Varoujan

Interaction of reducing sugars with amino acids and proteins. Chemistry of thermal generation of flavours and toxicants through the Maillard reaction and development of analytical methods for the detection of intermediates formed by this interaction.
T: 514 398-7918  |  varoujan.yaylayan [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS1-033


Idaresit Ekaette

Assistant Professor (Joint appointment in Bioresource Engineering)

Professors Post-Retirement

ALLI, Inteaz

Professor Emeritus
Food proteins:  isolation of proteins from dried seeds. Investigation of the functional, biochemical and nutritional  properties of these proteins.

                        |  inteaz.alli [at] (Email) |


Professor Post-Retirement
Enzymology in food biotechnology.  Bioconversion of endogenous inexpensive and underutilized food components into novel high added value of natural ingredients and nutraceuticals. Immobilization and biocatalysis of enzymes in non-conventional media.
                           |  selim.kermasha [at] (Email)  |

VAN DE VOORT, Frederick R.

Professor Post-Retirement
Development of analytical techniques based on the use of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy; in particular related to the rapid analysis of edible oils and lubricants.

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