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The Graduate program

testThe Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry offers both MSc and PhD programs. The requirement to enter M.Sc program is a CGPA of 3.0 or better or 3.2 (as standardized by McGill) in the last two years of the undergraduate degree in Food Science. Entry is possible from other disciplines, however, one will be expected to do a qualifying term or year to pick up related courses to orient oneself to Food Science. The basic requirement to enter Ph.D program is a CGPA of 3.4 or better in the M.Sc level and 3.2 in the last two years of the undergraduate degree (as standardized by McGill). In addition, entry into the graduate program also hinges on the availability of supervisory staff and financing; however, it is advisable that the applicant for the M.Sc. degree, if  he/she so wishes, to select non-thesis M.Sc. option as a second choice in the application form, to enhnce chances of admission to the Food Science Graduate Progam. See below Departmental Admission Guidelines.

In order to enter a thesis progarm in the Department, other than as a qualifying student, a staff member must be available to supervise the thesis work. Maximum flexibility is available to scholarship, government or self funded students in terms of selecting their areas of research. In the more general case, funding and research topics are provided by the supervisor based on grants they hold from government/industry agencies. Because public funds are often involved, it is generally stipulated that they can only be used for supporting Canadian or Landed Immigrant status students. Hence, foreign students applying for entry to the graduate program without their own guaranteed funding or their government's support have little chance of being accepted, as the Department does not have the resources to support such cases. It should be noted that foreign students in thesis programs need about $20,000 (Cdn) per year in total for tuition fees. An amount of $10000-15000 is recommended for living expenses. Please see the respective web pages for the non-thesis programs for the estimated cost for those programs.

Graduate Studies info-session

Director of Graduate Program: Prof. A. Ismail

Application for admission: How to apply

International Students

Faculty Research Areas
Dr I. Alli (Professor post-retirement Food Quality
Dr. S. Bayen Food Toxicants/Analytical Chemistry
Dr S. George Nanotechnology/Food Safety
Dr X. Lu Food Safety/Food Microbiology/Analytical Chemistry/Food Synthetic Biology
Dr A. A. Ismail Infrared Analysis and Infrared Microscopy
Dr S. Karboune Nutraceuticals/Nanotechnology
Dr S. Kermasha (retired) Food Biotechnology/Enzyme Technology
Dr. Jen Ronholm Food Microbiology
Dr H. S. Ramaswamy Food Processing/Post Harvest
Dr B. K. Simpson Marine Enzymes/Marine Bioingredients
Dr F. R. van de Voort (Professor post-retirement) Infrared Analysis of Edible Oils and Lubricants
Dr V. A. Yaylayan Maillard Reaction Chemistry/High temperature chemical transformations in food
Dr. Y. Wang Materials Sciences/Development of natural polymer based materials -nano/micro particles, nano-micro-fibers composite films and hydrogels


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