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Supervisors and supervisees


Distinct from classroom teaching, your work as a graduate supervisor involves mentorship and the formation of the next generation of academics and professionals.


If you want to learn more about your supervisees, such as their motivations, conceptions of scholarship, reasons for delay, and work-life balance, try the Being a supervisee section. 


Your work as a supervisee often contributes directly to the research of your supervisors as you become a scholar in your own right and earn your qualifications.


Want to learn more about your supervisors and their roles, which might one day be yours too? See the Being a supervisor section, which provides insight into their perspectives and concerns.

Compared with undergraduate education, graduate education—and beyond—tends to involve long-term and either individual or small-group supervisory relationships that have a special and lasting influence on the careers and lives of supervisees and supervisors.

This website is for new and experienced graduate supervisors, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows and focuses on guidance and practical advice. It was adapted through an agreement with the University of Oxford and Australian National University. Read more on our About page.

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