Being a supervisee

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There are many aspects to being a supervisee, including communication with your supervisor and personal factors such as work-life balance. These topics and others, such as the supervisor-supervisee relationship, discussing expectations, avoiding delays, and careers - academic or otherwise - are discussed in the pages of this section.

Highlights of this section

To ensure that you get off to the right start with your supervisor-supervisee relationship, be sure to read the discussing expectations subsection.

If you want to gain new strategies for responding to feedback on your writing or monitoring your own progress, see the feedback and self-assessment subsection.

You may find that there are times when you struggle to stay motivated and find a healthy work-life balance. These subsections will give you tips to help you stay on track.

As a graduate student, you will also be thinking forward about your career. This subsection will be useful to you whether you are interested in an academic or non-academic career.

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