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Welcome to the Department of Physiology at McGill University

From Molecules to Complex Systems

Our goal is to understand how physiological systems encode, transmit, and act upon information from the level of single molecules to integrated systems of the cell, organ and organism –as they must in order to ensure human health. We meet this challenge through educating the next generation of flexible and critical thinkers; through development of cutting edge optical, electronic, molecular, genetic and mathematical tools; and through our research into information exchange between our body’s systems. Existing faculty expertise currently spans not only the contemporary fields of physiology but also emerging multidisciplinary areas that incorporate optogenetics, advanced bioimaging, biomathematics, computational modeling and artificial intelligence. We invite you to join our team, take up our arsenal of modern tools, and deepen your understanding of the dynamics of living systems.

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Meet Our Faculty

Our faculty is composed of a team of renowned researchers from diverse backgrounds who bring their expertise to the forefront of physiological research and education.

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