What can I do with a McGill Physiology degree?

Physiology opens doors.

At the undergraduate level we offer fundamental training in biological information ranging from genetic to neural codes, in the function of the heart to the that of the lung. Our goal is to teach you the interconnections between these disciplines.

Physiology sits at the interface between disciplines. Our field is experiencing a rapid expansion in scope, methods, and opportunities for graduate students. Come learn how we apply cutting-edge Artificial Intelligences, mathematical modelling, rapid prototyping, and genome engineering to dissect the body’s systems.

We are a fertile ground for budding new investigators. We invite Postdocs and technicians to join our vibrant and collegial research community and take advantage of our cutting-edge core facilities to further your research goals.

Career Opportunities with a Physiology Degree

Upon completion of a B.Sc. in Physiology, graduating students are qualified to work as research technicians and assistants in academic or industry settings. Graduating students may also enroll in a biotechnology co-op program, moving quickly (within a year) into the job market.

Furthermore, an undergraduate degree in Physiology provides excellent preparation and a competitive advantage for further training in a variety of fields.

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