Mackey-Glass Research Bursary in Physiology

Dr. Leon Glass (Left) and Dr. Michael Mackey (Right)

Established in 2021 by previous students and current and former colleagues, in honour of Dr. Michael Mackey and Dr. Leon Glass. Awarded by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in association with a Selection Committee in the Department of Physiology to support an undergraduate student pursuing summer research in the quantitative life sciences in the Department of Physiology.

Professors Glass and Mackey were full-time faculty members of the Department of Physiology while they pursued their theoretical research in haematology (Mackey) and in cardiology (Glass). Both Profs. Mackey and Glass have been exceptional teachers, mentors, and friends not only to their students, but also their colleagues, peers, and the McGill and international communities in general. Both remain active in research.

The Mackey-Glass bursary funds summer research students in mathematical biology and the quantitative life sciences. Supervisors must be full or associate members of the McGill Department of Physiology, and applicants may be studying in any field, but must have a strong background in mathematics, computer science, physics, or one of the engineering sciences. The goal of the Mackey-Glass bursary is to stimulate interest in conducting research into the application of mathematics or mathematical methods to the biomedical sciences, and to encourage undergraduate students to pursue a research career in this area.

The deadline to submit an application for this award is on Monday, March 25, 2024 at 5:00PM. Email your applications to Ms. Sonia Viselli, Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer, in the Physiology Department at [at]

Application Form: PDF icon application_form_mackeyglassbursary.pdf

12-16 weeks.

The award covers a stipend of ~$3,500 for the first 8 weeks. The supervisor will pay a pro-rated stipend for the remaining 4 weeks, and for any extension beyond 12 weeks mutually agreed upon by applicant and supervisor.

• The competition is open to undergraduate students currently registered in a degree program in mathematics, computer science, the natural or biomedical sciences, or engineering.
• The applicant must be enrolled in their U1 or U2 year at the time of application.
• Only 1 application per student is allowed.

• Proposed supervisor must be core-faculty ( or an associate member ( of the Department of Physiology. They must be willing to spend time in carrying out direct supervision of the student (i.e., supervision cannot be delegated exclusively to a post-doc or graduate student).
• Students are responsible for directly contacting prospective supervisors.
• Only 1 application per proposed supervisor will be considered.

• The recipient is committed to working full-time on the research project.
• The weeks of research should not be interrupted by vacation time.
• The recipient must submit a one-page research report at the end of the project to the Physiology Department [at]

• Completed application form PDF icon application_form_mackeyglassbursary.pdf
• Up-to-date university transcript (unofficial copy will suffice).
• E-mail application and university transcript to [at]

The Department of Physiology will forward the name of the nominee for this award to the Faculty of Medicine, which will then inform the successful recipient by e-mail.

Should you have any questions regarding this competition, please contact alvin.shrier [at] (Dr. Alvin Shrier).

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