Student Association "PULS"

Recipients of the 2021 Alvin Shrier Award in recognition of community involvement
and a passion for community service (sponsored by PULS)

U1-Cyril Kazan, U2-Sophia Karabastos, U3-Julia Handfield


PULS, the Physiology Undergraduate League of Students, is an elected body of students that represents undergraduate students in the Department of Physiology. The goals and functions of PULS are numerous, however the main reason that PULS exists is to make every undergraduate Physiology student’s stay at McGill better in a multitude of ways. We provide numerous services to students, including a lounge, coffee maker, and microwave. PULS organizes numerous social events and programs that take place throughout the year and students are encouraged to visit the office to get to know their council and offer suggestions; PULS appreciates any and all feedback from the students it represents! Popular events that PULS holds include Synapse, the U1/U3 mentoring program, as well as the annual Physiology Wine & Cheese.

The PULS website provides information on the council, physiology events, as well as course related materials.

Current PULS council (2021-2022):

President: Léo Han
Vice-President: Julia Forestell
VP Finance: Liam Scott
VP Internal: Aliza Dworkind
VP Academic: Claire Braaten
VP Athletics & Publicity: Maggie Ford
Communications Director: Matthew Angoh
Charity Director: Sophia Karabastos
U3 Representative: Safiya Rizwan
U3 Representative: Alexandre Maglione
U2 Representative: Lilian Yoffe
U2 Representative: Franziska Eisenhuth
U1 Representative: Phoenix Plessas
U1 Representative: Evan Maggio
IHI Representative: Brianna Lu

McIntyre Medical Sciences Bldg., Room 1017


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