Student Association "PULS"

Recipients of the 2024 Alvin Shrier Award in recognition of community involvement
and a passion for community service (sponsored by PULS)

U1-Evonne Henning, U2-Joshua Cheruvathur, U3-Victor Chen


PULS, the Physiology Undergraduate League of Students, is a group of elected and appointed members who represent their undergraduate peers in the Department of Physiology. The goals and functions of PULS are to advocate and connect students to the physiology program, professors, and the greater McGill community. Located in McIntyre Medical Building Room 1017, PULS hosts daily office hours where students are welcome to study, hang out, and use the appliances we have to offer, such as a microwave, printer, and free lab coat rentals. PULS organizes academic initiatives in the form of class note resources, Journal Clubs, and the annual Wine and Cheese to inform undergraduate students about the physiology program at McGill. PULS also hosts many social events throughout the semester with the most popular being the biweekly PHGY Fridays at the campus bar and various formal and interdepartmental events throughout the year. Students are encouraged to visit the office to get to know their council and follow our social media on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on our current events and initiatives!

The PULS website provides information on the council, physiology events, as well as course related materials.

PULS Council 2024-2025:

President: Danielle Beaudry
Vice-President: Simone Dhingra
VP Finance: Ariella Zelniker
VP Academic: Joshua Cheruvathur
Co-VP Internals: Maya Frisani & Qetsia Misenga
VP Communications: Lareina Shen
VP Sustainability: Zoya Hanna
VP Athletics: Sofia Arnet
U3 Representatives: Sophia Cottrill & Sophie Doyle
U2 Representatives: Olivia Hong & Jathin Rao
U1 Representatives: TBA
IHI Representative: TBA
Biophysical Sciences Representative: TBA
SBMS Representative: TBA

McIntyre Medical Sciences Bldg., Room 1017


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