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Funding and Support

All graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences will receive guaranteed funding in the form of annual student stipends that are intended to provide the student with financial support to pay tuition, fees and living expenses (Harmonized funding policy).  A student's stipend may come from a combination of sources including, but not limited to, the supervisor's research grant, fellowships or awards received by the students and/or from our departmental tuition support fund.

The Minimum annual stipend funding package for 2023/2024 for MSc and PhD students is

$21,183 Base Living Allowance  + Tuition and Student Fees


Minimum Support from the Supervisor is as follows (for student who do not hold a fellowship or award):

MSc Canadian: $22,000

PhD Canadian: $24,000

MSc/PhD Int'l: $25,000

Students are urged to make every effort to secure their own funding from studentships or fellowships administered by the University (internal fellowships) or by Provincial, federal or international agencies (external fellowships). Personal or family financing is not permitted. More information can be found below under Fellowships and Awards below.

Tuition Fee Information can be found here:  Graduate Fee calculator

Charges are listed on the student accounts website here


Departmental Tuition Support:

To ensure that all students are covered  the base living allowance and tuition and fees, the departmental tuition support is offered to all eligible students who are in "Full time Status" (e.g. first 3 full terms of MSc and until the end of PhD 4). After this time, students have a status of "Additional Session"  and pay tuition at the Quebec rate and therefore departmental support will reduce accordingly (please refer to the second table below). If the student stipend covers living allowance and fees, students will not be eligible for department support.  Students in "Thesis Evaluation" will not be eligible to receive department tuition support (Thesis evaluation status is the term following initial thesis submission)

Please note: Tuition support is very limited and due to the high volume of international applications,  associate  members can no longer be guaranteed departmental tuition support for new incoming international students


                            2023-2024 Department of Physiology minimum funding policy for M.Sc. 1 and Ph.D. 2-4

  M.Sc. 1 Quebec

M.Sc. 1 Out-of- Province

M.Sc. 1 Int'l

Ph.D. 2-4 Canadian Ph.D. 2-4 Int'l
Tuition/Fees/Insurance* $5,191 $11,361 $22,851 $5,191 $20,811
Total expenses $5,191 $11,361 $22,851 $5,191 $20,811
Basic Living Allowance** $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183
Total required $26,374 $32,544 $44,034 $26,374 $41,994
Stipend $22,000 $22,000 $25,000 $24,000 $25,000
Departmental Tuition support $4,374 $10.544 $19,034 $2,374 $16,994
Total funding package $26,374 $32,544 $44,034 $26,374 $41,994

To note :

  • Values listed above are based on "full time status" tuition and fees (e.g. first 3 terms of M.Sc. and until the end of Ph.D. 4)
  • Students who have a scholarship that covers tuition are not eligible to receive department tuition support
  • Students whose immigration status has changed within a given term ( i.e. become a Permanent Resident of Canada or Canadian Citizen) and no longer pay International tuition and fees must notify the department as soon as possible
  • Students who receive a Differential Fee Waiver from the University will only be given the difference between Quebec and International insurance from the departmental tuition support
  • Students receiving adequate stipend salary (e.g. covers the basic living allowance and tuition and fees) will not qualify for departmental tuition support
  • The departmental tuition support  will be disbursed directly to the student's fee account on a term- by-term basis. Students are responsible for paying the balance of their fees due by the specified deadline.
  • Funding packages will be reviewed on an annual basis to factor in tuition increases


                2023-2024 Department of Physiology minimum funding policy M.Sc. 2  and Ph.D. 5-7

  M.Sc. 2 Quebec M.Sc. 2 Out-of-Province      M.Sc. 2 Int'l Ph.D. 5-7 Canadian Ph.D. 5-7 Int'l
Tuition/Fees/Insurance* $5,368 $8,453 $14,541 $4,399 $5,067
Total expenses $5,368 $8,453 $14,541 $4,399 $5,067
Basic Living allowance** $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183
Total required $26,551 $29,636 $35,724 $25,582 $26,250
Stipend $22,000 $22,000 $25,000 $24,000 $25,000
Departmental Tuition support $4,551 $7,636 $10,724 $1,582 $1,250
Total funding package $26,551 $29,636 $35,724 $25,582 $26,250

*Tuition/Fees/Insurance are estimated based on an anticipated 4% increase over 2022-23 rates. ( , which is reflected in the tuition fee tables at this time. It's subject to be adjusted after review of the Spring referendum period results.*

**Living allowance is based on a 7.2% CPI increase in Montreal from Aug 2021-2022


  • M.Sc. 2 tuition (for Canadian and International students) was based on a September start date (i,e. 1 residency term and 2 additional session terms).
  • note: students pay tuition in Summer term when in additional session
  • Students in "Thesis Evaluation" will not be eligible to receive department tuition support (Thesis evaluation status is the term following initial thesis submission)
  • same exceptions as per the first table apply here as well



Max E. and Jane K. Childress Entrance Fellowships in Physiology

The Max and Jane Childress  Entrance Fellowship was established in 2016 through the generous bequest of the Dr. Max E. Childress, (MD. C.M. 1940). The Childress fellowships are awarded to our top ranked students accepted to our PhD and MSc program (CGPA> 3.70). These entrance fellowships are valued between $10,000 -$20,000  and are awarded  for the first year of studies in Physiology and are non-renewable. No application is required since this award is determined at the time of review of Admission applications. Students who already have an existing scholarship do not qualify for this award.

Dr. Richard I. Birks Entrance Fellowships in Physiology

The Birks award was established in 2008 through a generous bequest of Dr. Richard I. Birks (B.A. 1949, M.Sc. 1954, Ph.D. 1957) past Professor of Physiology. The Birk's Fellowship is awarded to 1-2 top ranked applicants (CGPA >3.7) accepted to the PhD or MSc programs and is generally valued at up to $15,000 (value changes from year to year ).  The Birk's fellowship is awarded for the first year and is non-renewable.  No application is required since this award is determined at the time of review of Admission Applications. Students who have an existing scholarship do not qualify for this award.


Other Fellowships:

 External Funding:

 These are awarded by Federal granting agencies (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) and Provincial granting agencies (FTQNT, FRQSC, FRQS) or foreign government agencies. Some of these agencies rely on McGill to recommend candidates. More info can be found here:


 McGill Fellowships (Internal)

Awarded by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies or the Faculty of Medicine either through nomination by academic departments or by student application directly to GPS. These are listed in the Fellowships Calendar on the GPS Funding website


Tomlinson Fellowship (application required)

The Tomlinson Fellowships are recruitment fellowships for Doctoral and Postdoctoral research. For more information please visit


Faculty of Medicine Internal Studentships

Faculty of Medicine Internal Studentships are offered to highly qualified graduate students who are registered full time in a research training program leading to an M.Sc or Ph.D degree. For more information regarding eligibility and application forms please visit


Funding Opportunities for International Students

We encourage all international student to apply for funding. More info regarding opportunities can be found here.

We also encourage you to contact your country's educational authorities to inquire about funding opportunities to study at McGill. Opportunities available through international agencies as well as application dates, guidelines and required documents can be found here

International Fee Exemptions - See the following site for further information concerning  international fee exemptions from certain countries and what documents are required

Differential Fee Waivers

Differential fee waivers are restricted to international graduate students at McGill whose visa status requires them to pay full international tuition fee. This permits the international student to pay tuition at the Quebec rate. They must be within Curriculum Year 1-3 (for Ph.d) or Curriculum Year 1 (for M.Sc.).  Eligible international students are automatically considered, depending on the number of DFW's available. Since these are awarded based exclusively on department nominations, there are no application forms provided/required. For more info please visit


Great Travel Awards 

Funds allocated to departments by the Faculty of Medicine. Funds disbursed to students helps cover student  who travel to conferences to give presentations, posters or abstracts. Students must be registered full time in M.Sc 1-3 or Ph.D 1-7,  in good standing and not in time limitation at the time of travel and when the award is paid.  The award amount per student will be determined based on the total number of applicants and will be announced after all applications are submitted. Students are notified when they can apply for this award with a deadline date. For further information, please visit


Graduate Mobility Award

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) is launching Graduate Mobility Awards to encourage graduate students to apply and conduct research outside of Canada as part of their McGill degree program. For more info please visit


Teaching Assistantships/Invigilation 

Each year the department offers a limited number of positions as Teaching Assistants in undergraduate labs or lecture classes.  Please view our postings for Fall 2023.

Work Study 

This program allows students with financial need access to clerical, research, technical, library or other jobs on campus.  For more information please see:

Student Aid 

The Scholarship and Student Aid Office (SSAO) is situated on the 3rd floor of Brown Student Services Building, Suite 3200 for need-based aid for international students.  Services include counseling and financial wellness, merit-based entrance scholarships, government aid      administration and need-based McGill aid through bursaries, loans, work-study and fee deferrals.   For enquiries please call:  (514) 398-6013 or e-mail student.aid [at]

The Canadian Bureau for International Education produces a free brochure entitled "Study in Canada'", available on the web at or upon request to: CBIE, 220 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 1100, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5Z9 Tel: (613) 237-4820. In addition, information on opportunities for financial assistance available to international students and fellows can be found in the UNESCO publication "Study Abroad", available for consultation in many national libraries around the world. "Study Abroad" can be purchased directly from UNESCO distributors in member countries. International students may also find some general information regarding University study in Canada at various Canadian consulates and embassy offices abroad.


Fee deferral

if deemed necessary, students can apply for a Tuition Fee Deferral via Minerva. Please refer to the Fee deferral page on the Student Accounts web page at




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