Graduate Association of Physiology

The Graduate Association of Physiology (GAP) is the representative body for graduate students and post-docs in the Department of Physiology at McGill University. We aim to enrich the graduate experience for our members. We achieve this by organizing academic and social events.

In addition to representing students and Post-docs, GAP activities include:

  • Journal Clubs
  • "GAP Junction” Technical Seminars
  • Annual Ski Trip
  • Annual Holiday Party
  • Fundraisers and Charity Events for the Montreal Community
  • Graduate Students Mentoring Program

Contact: gap.pgss [at]

Executive Body                                                                                                                                                        


Mariana Marquez

From: Acapulco, Mexico

Area of Study: Neurophysiology

Fun Fact: I wasn’t THAT tired for this picture.

Email: mariana.marquezmachorro [at]

VP Academic Affairs

Ryan Rys

From: Mokena, IL

Area of Study: B-Cell Malignancies, DLBCL

Fun Fact: I played Water Polo for 15 years.

Email: ryan.rys [at]

VP Communications

Karissa Becknel

From: Snellville, GA

Area of Study: Cardio-physiology

Fun Fact: A lifelong goal of mine is to
visit every amusement park before I die.

Email: karissa.becknel [at]

VP Social Affairs

Quentin Devaux

From: Villeneuve-Lécussan, France

Area of Study: Pain and Touch, Neurosci.

Fun Fact: My high school major
was socio-economy.

Email: quentin.devaux [at]

VP Financial Affairs

Patricio Artusa

From: Boston, USA

Area of study: Vitamin D, type 1 diabetes

Fun fact: I hurt my rotator cuff backhanding
a spikeball and my ankle playing volleyball.

Email: patricio.artusa [at]

VP External Affairs

Kiamehr Rahemipour

Email: kiamehr.rahemipour [at]


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