Graduate Association of Physiology

The Graduate Association of Physiology (GAP) is the representative body for graduate students and post-docs in the Department of Physiology at McGill University. We aim to enrich the graduate experience for our members. We achieve this by organizing academic and social events.

In addition to representing students and Post-docs, GAP activities include:

  • Journal Clubs
  • "GAP Junction” Technical Seminars
  • Annual Ski Trip
  • Annual Holiday Party
  • Fundraisers and Charity Events for the Montreal Community
  • Graduate Students Mentoring Program

Contact: gap.pgss [at]

Executive Body                                                                                                                                                        


Sophia Karabatsos

From: Newmarket, ON

Area of Study: Vitamin D Signaling Lab - Studying how vitamin D signaling can help prevent the onset of autoimmune disorders

Fun Fact: My favourite activities are swimming and playing the saxophone.

Email: sophia.karabatsos [at]

Léo Han

From: Stratford, PEI and South Korea

Area of Study: Dr. John Orlowski / Regulation of vesicle pH in the nervous sytem

Fun Fact: I love to cycle! I currently have four bikes of my own... and counting.

Email: leo.han [at]

VP Academic Affairs

Miguel Romero Sepúlveda

From:Tijuana, Tijuana, BC, Mexico

Area of Study: Cardiac Dynamics - Bub Lab

Fun Fact:

Email: jose.romerosepulveda [at]


VP Communications

Julia Forestell

From: Fredericton, NB

Area of Study: The Role of Serotonergic Neuromodulation in Visual Attention - Dr. Krishnaswamy & Dr. Cook

Fun Fact: I did competitive irish dancing for 10 years!

Email: julia.forestell [at]

VP Social Affairs

Noa Kemp

From: Brussels, Belgium

Area of Study: study of audiovisual space and object perception

Fun Fact: I performed in musicals for 10 years when I was a kid. Now I post tiktoks of me singing and I want to be viral @noa_kemp. I somehow gaslit myself into science.

Email: noa.kemp [at]

VP Financial Affairs

Brandon Perestrelo

From: Montreal, QC

Area of study: Cardiovascular Physiology - Dr. Alvin Shrier Lab

Fun Fact: I know how to bake really good banana bread.

Email:brandon.perestrelo [at]

VP External Affairs

Nick Murphy

From: Halifax, NS

Area of study: Systems Neuroscience - Dr. Lomber

Fun Fact: I love being outdoors. In my spare time I like to row, snowboard and go on walks with my friends.

Email: nicholas.murphy3 [at]


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