Graduate Mobility Award 2023- 2024

During Academic Year 2023/2024

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is accepting applications for Graduate Mobility Award for two types of projects this year: Regular Graduate Mobility Award and Virtual Collaboration Projects.

Before submitting to GPS for final approval, you have to submit through the form below.

Regular Graduate Mobility Award

The Graduate Mobility Award encourages graduate students to conduct research abroad as part of their McGill degree program by defraying part of the cost of the international experience. The award, funded by the Government of Quebec, is available to all full-time students enrolled in a graduate degree program at McGill who have been approved by their academic unit and Faculty to take part in a mobility opportunity. The mobility award is meant to contribute towards the completion of the student’s thesis or research project. While a travel ban is not in effect anymore, students are expected to follow University Guidelines for travel during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as public-health measures in their destination.


-Enrolled in a graduate degree program in Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at McGill and registered as a full-time thesis student at the time of travel

-Have completed one full-time term at the time of application

-Be in good academic standing (students must have held an advisory/supervisory committee meeting within 10 months of the departure date)

-Travel must take place between September 1, 2023 and August 31, 2024

-Participate in one or more of the following mobility activities:

  • Research stay at a laboratory outside Canada
  • Field work outside Canada
  • Participation in a formal bilateral exchange/research partnership abroad

Eligibility reminders

  • Conference travel is NOT eligible.
  • Students must be registered full-time in a thesis program at the time of travel.
  • May travel for up to 2 terms (period may not exceed 8 months);

Value of the Award

Award value depends on where the mobility activity takes place, its duration and the availability of funding at the time of application.

How to Apply:

  • Be nominated for a Graduate Mobility Award by his/her unit/department and attach the following documents with the application:
  • A detail budget pertaining to the travel
  • A letter of support from McGill Supervisor
  • Applicant’s CV
  • Proof of A McGill Student Travel Registry app completed and accepted
  • Complete the Graduate Mobility Award Application Form, including signatures from the applicant, supervisor, and Graduate Program director.  Application form: PDF icon gma_application_form.pdf
  • For the Faculty nomination and signature, submit your application form to Patrick Robinson using the 'Submit" button below:
  • Your application will be reviewed and signed by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and returned to you by email.
  • To submit to GPS, follow the instructions on “How to Apply” on the GPS website:

Application process reminder

  • Once the Academic Unit and Faculty have approved the application, the fully signed form and supporting documents must be submitted to GPS through our webform.

Reporting process reminders

  • Changes in travel plans, including dates of travel, must be reported immediately to the Academic Unit and GPS. Students who fail to complete this step may see their award withdrawn.
  • Mobility Award recipients are required to complete a short survey and provide proof of travel (e.g. boarding pass) within one month of return. Students who fail to complete this step will see their award withdrawn.


Note that GPS do not process Mobility applications received during the month of April. You can still submit your completed application to us to get the approval from the Faculty of Medicine and health Sciences, but note that it will not be reviewed until early to mid May.

July 15, 2024 for the September 2023 to August 2024 school year.

Virtual Graduate Mobility

Requests for Graduate Mobility Award for virtual collaboration projects must be completed and submitted before April 01, 2024.

Please contact [at] (Patrick Robinson) if you have any further questions regarding this program.

Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
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