Attention to all our postdoctoral applicants. Due to the unionization of postdoctoral fellows, as of January 2017, all postdocs will be considered postdoc researchers and the stipends will be subject to the applicable taxes and benefit deductions as per payroll regulations.

The Cole Foundation is offering fellowships to Clinical Fellows (holders of a medical degree), Post-Doctoral and Doctoral students to promote research in pre-leukemia, leukemia, lymphoma and other leukemia related diseases in children and young adults as well as the development of clinical care for patients affected by these diseases.

Eligible candidates must:

  • Have full-time status at the University of Montreal, McGill University or at the INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier
  • Be registered in a graduate program (PhD) or in a program of postdoctoral or clinical studies
  • Complete a Cole Foundation fellowship application form
  • Submit a letter of support from their supervisor which, among other information, should include a description of the mentorship program for the candidate. Note that if the supervisor has known the student less than one year, an additional letter of support from the previous supervisor is required.

This competition is open to all Canadian and all foreign citizens. The scholar’s research activities can be carried out in the Montreal area or in an establishment outside Montreal so long as this is accepted by the research supervisor.

The Cole Foundation particularly welcomes applications in clinical and translational research. Clinical researchers must dedicate a minimum of 50% of their time to research and this must be substantiated by the Supervisor in the Supervisor's Report.

Applications will be evaluated by a committee of experts for the relevance to the Cole Foundation mandate, academic and scientific excellence, the quality of the research laboratory and the coherence of the research program with the priorities of the training environment.

The fellowships are offered for a two-year mandate. The installment for the second year is contingent upon the support of the host laboratory director. On a yearly basis these fellowships offer: $50,000 for Clinical Fellows; $50,000 for Post-Doctoral Fellows; and $25,000 for Doctoral Fellows. In addition, a yearly supplement of up to $2,000 for Clinical Fellows and Post-Doctoral Fellows and up to $1,000 for Doctoral Fellows will be awarded for related academic activities (attendance at conventions, etc.).

If a candidate is requesting a second Cole Fellowship, the second request for a Fellowship must show substantial progress from the initial application. No more than two Fellowships may be awarded to any candidate at the same level of study. Furthermore, candidates are not eligible to request a Fellowship for studies beyond the 5th year of a PhD or Post-Doc program.

Candidates who hold other confirmed funding such as FRQS or similar level of funding are not eligible for the Fellowship. Those who are in the process of applying for such funding are welcome to apply for the Cole Fellowship, under obligation that we are notified if another funding application is successful.

The supervisory laboratory is responsible for funding 50% of the amount of the Fellowship. However, if the Principal Investigator (the supervisor of the candidate) has been a supervisor for less than 5 years at the time of the application deadline, the Cole Foundation will fund 100% of the cost of the Fellowship.

The deadline for the competition is January 26th, 2024. Application forms for submissions and for letters of support may be obtained through the host institution (University of Montreal, McGill University or the INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier) or from the Cole Foundation web site ( The completed forms must be submitted by email to the host institution contact person. The award winners will be announced in mid-April 2024 and the fellowships will take effect July 1, 2024.


Instructions to be followed:

  • All applications and supporting documents must be submitted electronically
  • Please use Adobe Acrobat to convert your files to PDF
  • The Research and Graduate Studies Office no longer requires a paper copy of your application
  • The file is to be named as follows: LastName_FirstName_Cole2024.pdf (e.g. Smith_John_Cole2024.pdf)



Application Forms:

File Cole Fellowship Application Form

File Cole Fellowship Supervisor's Report


Please submit documents (along with additional questions and concerns) to: [at] (Patrick Robinson )







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