Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel Awards (GREAT Awards)

​In 2009, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies introduced the Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel awards (GREAT awards) program in consultation with the Faculty Deans and Associate Deans. These awards cover dissemination of research through graduate student presentations at conferences (or performance in Music), and other graduate student research-enhancement activities, such as travel for fieldwork, archival research and collaborative research outside of the University. GREAT budgets are allocated to Faculties each year, and as such, are managed directly by the Associate Dean's office.

Travel registry is required for any travel outside of the Greater Montreal Area.


Value(s) and recipients of the GREAT awards will be at the discretion of the Faculty.


The GREAT awards allocation for each Faculty is determined by enrolment, based on the percentage of eligible graduate students in research degree programs. Allocations are given to faculties in December for disbursement in the following academic year.


Thesis Master's or Doctoral students are eligible for a GREAT award if they are:

  • In good standing,
  • Registered full time in a research degree program,
  • Have completed a Travel Registry if activity is outside of Canada, and
  • NOT in time limitation.

Awards must be used to support research travel and dissemination of research, including, but not limited to:

  • Conference presentations (and equivalent dissemination activities in research-creation disciplines, such as Music);
  • Field research; archival research; collaborative research outside the university not eligible for Graduate Mobility Awards or to complement a Graduate Mobility Award.

Students must meet the eligibility criteria at the time of travel and when the award is paid.The goal of the GREAT awards program is to create a net increase in McGill’s research profile, to allow flexibility in the determination and distribution of graduate student travel awards, and to introduce more efficient and effective administrative and allocation mechanisms.

Nomination Procedures

Applications and requirements for application vary depending on the Faculty. For more information, contact your Faculty's Graduate Office or a Graduate Program Coordinator.


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