Lawrence Chen awarded Quebec’s Guy-Rocher prize for teaching

Impactful Research

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Complex problems of sustainability, health, productivity, automation, design and social justice are tackled through collaborative research leading to novel ideas, methods and products developed by our diverse world-class engineering, urban planning and architecture researchers and partners to maximize positive impact.

Student Life

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Our students have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning opportunities that help them to become globally-minded leaders equipped to solve problems that matter. Our active student groups foster a diverse community of curious and engaged student leaders, and our dedicated team at the MESC offers support for both academic and wellness needs.

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Faculty of Engineering

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You're bound for great things!

Become globally-minded leaders equipped to solve problems that matter.

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Engineering Career Centre

Industry experience for students in the Faculty of Engineering.

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Graduate Education

Learn more about our world-leading graduate programs, faculty members and cutting edge research.

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