The Faculty of Engineering is committed to the safety and well-being of its community, and is working hard with McGill University on minimizing the impact of COVID-19.

Using AI to help railroads save fuel, cut greenhouse emissions

Mechanical Engineering student, Dev Jain, wins first place in this year’s McGill Dobson Cup competition in the category of Innovation Driven Enterprise. 

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Carolyn Curiale receives Principal’s Award! 

We are happy to announce that Carolyn Curiale from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has received the 2020 Principal’s Award for Administrative and Support Staff! The award is part of a university-wide program that recognizes the outstanding contributions of McGill’s staff. 

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Prof. Chris Moraes receives second Principal’s Prize of the year!

We are happy to announce Prof. Chris Moraes of the Department of Chemical Engineering has received the 2020 Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching, five months after being awarded the Principal’s Prize for Outstanding Emerging Researchers!

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Faculty Workshops are Open

The Faculty Workshop is fully operational and its team of technicians is here to help! Check out the many services they offer to faculty, staff, and students.

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Preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 on high-touch metallic surfaces

Prof. Stephen Yue receives grant to work on an antiviral coating for surfaces in public spaces

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What can the COVID-19 pandemic teach us about responding to climate change?

The 7th Annual Trottier Symposium, "Lessons from a Pandemic: Solutions for addressing the Climate Change Crisis,” tackled this question and more.

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From developing a vaccine to creating antiviral materials, six Engineering professors are channeling their research efforts towards the fight against COVID-19


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Remembering the victims of École Polytechnique

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Faculty of Engineering - McGill University

Impactful Research

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Complex problems of sustainability, health, productivity, automation, design and social justice are tackled through collaborative research leading to novel ideas, methods and products developed by our diverse world-class engineering, urban planning and architecture researchers and partners to maximize positive impact.

Student Life in Engineering

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Our students have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning opportunities that help them to become globally-minded leaders equipped to solve problems that matter. Our active student groups foster a diverse community of curious and engaged student leaders, and our dedicated team at the MESC offers support for both academic and wellness needs.

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