Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Engineering (ELATE)

Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Engineering (ELATE) is an initiative whose mission is to foster learning communities comprising of undergraduate and graduate students, teaching assistants, and academic and non-academic staff with the objective of enhancing and promoting excellence in the learning and teaching experience in the Faculty of Engineering.

Over the years, ELATE has established a faculty learning community whereby professors and instructors can get together and share their experiences with different teaching and assessing strategies, hosted annual conferences on teaching and learning practices (including some directed at students), provided support for professors and instructors on developing their teaching strategies and pedagogies, and established several initiatives on student learning and involvement in course design.

Professor listening to a student speak in the middle of a classroom

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We provide individual consultations, webinars, funding opportunities, conferences, and curated resources to support teaching staff

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For Students

Explore our resources and events that support meaningful learning experiences

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