The Engineering Career Centre, an integral part of the McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC), provides students with opportunities to gain career-related experience through internships (Engineering Internship Program); connect with employers; learn about various career paths; develop their job search skills; and more.

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Important Notes:

1)  Career development workshops, Techfair and company information sessions are open to all McGill students at no fee

2)  B. Eng alumni (Faculty of Engineering) are eligible at no charge for ECC Alumni Services (lifetime access)

3) All currently registered students are eligible for services at McGill’s Career Planning Service (CaPS).

4) Alumni are eligible for services through CaPS at no charge for 12 months from graduation date. After 12 months, lifetime access to immediate job openings through & advising for a fee

Nitsorn (Oat) Wongsajjathiti
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering 2015

After obtaining my degree, I made a bold move to transition into tech, wishing to become a frontend developer. After six months of self-teaching and freelance projects, I was hired as a frontend developer at a web agency, where I worked for a year before being recruited by my current company to manage their workforce management platform. Meet Oat

Angela Negro
B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering 2007

With an increasingly competitive economic landscape, it's important for engineering students to not only gain experience in their field of study, but to gain complementary skills that fall way outside of their selected discipline. More than ever before, organizations are hiring people with a very diversified skill set in order to foster the creativity necessary to succeed.  Meet Angela


Taryn Tomlinson
B. Eng Electrical Engineering 1998

Since I was a child, I was passionate about astronomy and all things space-related.  My greatest role models as a youth were our team of Canadian astronauts.  Using their passion and motivation as a guide, I chose to study both engineering (at the Bachelor’s level) and space science (at the Master’s level) to gain skills that would be needed for a career in developing instruments for space exploration. Meet Taryn

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