As a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, we encourage you to stay in touch with the Engineering Career Centre and assist current students and new graduates in finding their career path. Encourage your employer to recruit interns and new graduates at McGill. Connect with students and share your experiences and advice.

The Engineering Career Centre welcomes you back to the Faculty of Engineering, this time as an employer.

We appreciate you choosing to recruit our current McGill Engineering students. Please consult our Employer links for information about our services and opportunities for promoting your organization.


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Abdaal Mazhar Shafi
B.Eng Electrical Engineering 2014

I was looking for a customer-facing role combining the technical skills developed through my engineering degree with the leadership skills from extra-curricular activities. I joined SimActive as a Sales Engineer after graduating from McGill, and became a Technical Sales Advisor six months following that. Meet Abdaal

Svetlana Zdanovich
B.Eng Civil Engineering 2016

Develop your soft skills; get involved in extracurricular activities, network, practice your communication skills. It’s a great time to leave your comfort zone and to experiment, to think outside the box.  Meet Svetlana


Patrick Racine
B.Eng Mechanical Engineering 1997

As I advanced through my career, the importance of being prepared for the next potential assignment became clear.  Spending time planning your career path is critical.  It requires developing the skill sets to be ready when an opportunity appears. Meet Patrick

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