Abdaal Mazhar Shafi



Technical Sales Advisor,  SimActive Inc. & B.Eng Electrical 2014




Briefly describe your path to your current career.

I was looking for a customer-facing role combining the technical skills developed through my engineering degree with the leadership skills from extra-curricular activities. I joined SimActive as a Sales Engineer after graduating from McGill, and became a Technical Sales Advisor six months following that. I work with governments and organizations across the globe, introducing them to cutting-edge technology encompassing satellites, UAVs, and 3D modeling. Along with training and commercialization activities, I am responsible for presenting the company’s software at different conferences worldwide.

How has your engineering education at McGill contributed to your success?

My role requires me to solve complex customer problems, which involves explaining technical products and concepts simply in a way that relates to the clients' industry. My McGill engineering education equipped me well through exposure to multiple technical concepts and analysis techniques. In addition, an integral component of my role includes working internationally as SimActive has clients in over 50 countries. The diverse student population and faculty at McGill provides a global perspective that has helped me work across cultures.

What advice do you have for current students in the Faculty of Engineering?

Make the most of the opportunities offered at McGill to explore interests and expand knowledge well beyond the curriculum/classes. I served as the Secretary-General of the McGill Model United Nations Assembly, leading a team of 12 and conference staff of over 500 to organize one of the top global Model UN conferences for over 1400 delegates. The skills, such as leadership, along with the network you develop in such roles to supplement your engineering background will only help as you move forward in your career.


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