Nitsorn (Oat) Wongsajjathiti



Web Platform Lead Developer, Littlefleets solutions Ltd.
& B.Eng. Chemical Engineering 2015




Briefly describe your path to your current career.

My interest in coding began in my third year, during my employment as a computational research assistant to Prof. Hill, a chemical engineering professor in my department. After obtaining my degree, I made a bold move to transition into tech, wishing to become a frontend developer. After six months of self-teaching and freelance projects, I was hired as a frontend developer at a web agency, where I worked for a year before being recruited by my current company to manage their workforce management platform.

How has your engineering education at McGill contributed to your success?

Enormously! Without McGill and the faculty, I would not have met my supervising professor, who not only opened the door to coding, but also encouraged me to work towards it. Also, the constantly changing nature of the syllabus and assignments each semester, although at the time challenging, taught me to how manage my time, prioritize, and work “smart.” Finally, the design projects offered in the final year also built my ability to take responsibilities for my work and be a great team player.

What advice do you have for current students in the Faculty of Engineering?

Pay attention in class, but also explore the McGill experience outside the classroom and engage yourself in teams. Even if you are not sure it’s something up your alley, it will build your character and experience. Also, a good (and genuine) relationship with a professor and a career advisor goes a long way.

So does investing in your own cup for Blue’s Pub.

Do you have anything else to add?

To those who are struggling with the job search, keep an open mind about your future and career path. A McGill engineering degree is respected and appreciated in industries outside your direct field too! It proves you are intelligent, analytical, practical young adult who works hard to accomplish your goals and that is something everyone wants.

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