Patrick Racine



Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Klenzoid & Eldon Water
& B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering 1997  




Briefly describe your path to your current career.

I first met with Klenzoid while at an on-campus recruiting event through the Engineering Career Centre.  After a successful interview process, I started my career at Klenzoid's Mississauga, Ontario operations as a Technical Representative.  After 3.5 years, I took on the role of Technical Services Manager for our Montreal office, where I worked for 7 years.  During my stay in Montreal I went on to become Business Development Manager.

In 2007, I accepted the opportunity to take on the role of developing our newly created US Division - Eldon Water.  After 7 years as Business Development Manager for Eldon Water, I was promoted to Vice-President of Sales & Marketing for Klenzoid and Eldon Water, where I am responsible for developing and deploying a team of market-leading water treatment experts across our sales offices in Mississauga ON, Montreal QC, Moncton NB, Ann Arbor MI, and Cincinnati OH.

How has your engineering education at McGill contributed to your success?

My Mechanical Engineering Degree from McGill offered me an excellent foundation to start tackling the water & energy world in which Klenzoid operates.  The strong problem-solving skills learned through classes, and the strong communication and leadership skills developed in the faculty's extracurricular activities offered excellent preparation for my career.

What advice do you have for current students in the Faculty of Engineering?

As I advanced through my career, the importance of being prepared for the next potential assignment became clear.  Spending time planning your career path is critical.  It requires developing the skill sets to be ready when an opportunity appears.  Another often overlooked facet of preparation is to train your replacement.  People have a natural tendency to make themselves irreplaceable.  Unfortunately, being irreplaceable makes you un-promotable.   Always plan to be fully ready and fully replaceable to be able to take on the next challenge.

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