Minor Programs

Minor Programs

Minors are coherent sequences of courses which may be taken in addition to the courses required for the B.Eng. degree. Minor programs normally consist of 18-24 credits, allowing 9-12 credits of overlap with the degree program. The real credit cost to the student is typically 9 to 15 credits, representing one term beyond the B.Eng. degree program. All courses in a Minor program must be passed with a grade of C or better.

Students of the Faculty have a considerable variety of complementary course choices, which fall into the categories of technical and complementary studies. Students should refer to their respective departments for information concerning complementary course selections. Departments also publish, in this Calendar and in separate documents, information regarding the choice of courses. Students should also consult their course advisers.

General information concerning Minors that are designed for students registered in the Faculty of Engineering is listed below. In addition, students are also permitted to register for Minor Concentrations offered through the various departments in the Faculty of Arts. Students are advised to seek approval from the specific department in the Faculty of Arts as well as the Faculty of Engineering Engineering Student Centre, Room 22, Frank Dawson Adams Building, prior to embarking on these Minors.

For specific information about Minor programs that are listed below, please refer to the Undergraduate Program Calendar.

  • Arts Minor
  • Biomedical Engineering Minor
  • Biotechnology Minor
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science Minor (for Minor form please go to School of Computer Science)
  • Construction Engineering and Management Minor
  • Economics Minor
  • Environmental Engineering Minor
  • Minor in Environment
  • Minor Programs in Finance, Management, Marketing, and Operations Management
  • Materials Engineering Minor
  • Mathematics Minor
  • Minor in Mining
  • Physics Minor
  • Nanotechnology Minor
  • Software Engineering Minor
  • Technological Entrepreneurship Minor



In order to register for a Minor you must complete a Course Authorization Form, which can be obtained online or from the Engineering Student Centre.

In order to register for Minor Programs in Management, you must complete an application form available from the Desautels Faculty of Management located at 1001 Sherbrooke Street West.  For further information on the Management Minor (for non-Management students), click here.

Requirements and Deadline

Minors in Management:

  • Minor Applications are due by June 2, replies should start going out in July - early responses are not given.
  • Students will be informed via their McGill email address after July 2 concerning their application (replies might come as late as August).
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