Readmission and Faculty Transfers

Interested in Transferring?

Before applying you must consider the following:

Important notes for students interested in Co-op Software Engineering

  • Diligently research the program by visiting the curriculum and eCalendar as you must be aware there are 4 mandatory Co-op work terms.
  • Meet with a career advisor to discuss your future career plans and the possibility of internships in your current program.
  • Have you considered a minor instead? Available minors include Software Engineering, Computer Science.
  • Transferring from another program will put you out of sync with the curriculum, and it may take longer to finish your degree.
  • If accepted into the program, Co-op work terms are to be taken prior to your term of graduation – no exceptions.
  • For specific questions about the Co-op program, you can also meet with an academic advisor or Software Co-op advisor.
  • Program is very competitive and space is limited.

NOTE: Students currently in Software Engineering are not eligible to transfer to Co-op Software Engineering.

Software Engineering students can get the same level of industry experience and recognition through the EIP– please contact our career advisors for more information.
Instead of Co-op Software Engineering, you might want to consider Computer Engineering, as it provides a learning experience very close to that of the Co-op Software Engineering. With proper course selections, a computer engineering student takes 75% of the courses taken by software engineering students. This coverage can be increased significantly by adding the Software Engineering minor plus experience through Engineering internship program.

If you have more questions about transferring programs or readmission, you can either book an appointment or send an [at] (email).

Intra-Faculty Transfers

(change a program within the Faculty of Engineering)

Inter-Faculty Transfers

(transfer into another undergraduate faculty)

Readmission/Returning students

(return after a period of absence)

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