Leadership, personal & professional development

The Faculty of Engineering’s Empower initiative is focused on supporting, promoting and creating learning activities that take place outside of class. Conceptually, this is known as ‘experiential learning,’ or learning by doing, and while ancillary skills development may be an added benefit, the initiative is about creating the conditions to help students develop leadership capabilities.

One of the biggest challenges engineering students face upon graduation is turning years of theoretical training into real-world practice. The Empower initiative will cultivate Globally-Minded Engineers, graduates who are poised to become future leaders and innovators in a dynamic engineering industry embedded within a global community. Through Empower, students will contribute to their own education, the university community, and more broadly, Canadian and global society, by learning to solve complex, global problems through tailored goal setting and hands-on experiential learning.

Students today need to be ready for challenges they face upon graduation – in addition to technical knowledge, they need to be “future ready,” equipped with core skills such as communications, strategic planning, and cross-cultural skills to work effectively across diverse environments. Opportunities for such skills-development will available through different channels.



The mission is in essence to create: Globally-minded leaders equipped to solve problems that matter.

  • Leadership, personal & professional development
  • Enable, equip and empower through  engagement and experiential learning


Read about the Student Design Teams and Projects supported by Empower.  

Students can request funding support for Design Teams and Projects by filling out the Student Initiatives Funding request form.



To find out how to encourage our students or support the Empower initiative, please see below for more details.

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