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SURE Program 2024 (SURE and NSERC-USRA) 

General Information - What is SURE? 

The Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering program offers summer research traineeships.  A portion of these traineeships are available through the NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award (USRA) program, while the rest are funded through the Faculty of Engineering, the Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design (TISED), ELATE (Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Engineering), Medtec Design and the support of many generous donors

SURE students work closely with a McGill Engineering professor on one of their research projects for 16 weeks in the summer. The program provides exposure to the research experience as well as opportunities to learn more about the graduate school experience and about careers in research. 

The participation in the SURE program will be recorded on students’ transcripts. Specific courses (FACC 351-354 – SURE Experience) have been created to offer students an official record of their participation in the SURE program. 

The traineeships funded through the Faculty of Engineering are available to all eligible McGill undergraduate students irrespective of their citizenship or immigration status and to a limited number of students external to McGill, both Canadian and international. If selected, non-McGill students will be expected to obtain the appropriate visa documents and insurance found at Citizenship and Immigration Canada. They will also be required to register at McGill as an Undergraduate Research Trainee (UGRT). Please visit UGRT for more information. 

The SURE stipend is valued at a minimum of $8,900 per award.

SURE International

Engineering students who have secured a summer research internship abroad can apply for the SURE International Travel Stipend which is made possible by the Faculty’s generous donors as well as McGill University in support of undergraduate student research abroad.

Please visit the SURE International Travel Stipend website.

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