EngInE: The Faculty of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub

The McGill EngInE, the Faculty of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship hub, focuses on stimulating technologically-based innovation and entrepreneurship at McGill in collaboration with the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Office of Innovation and Partnerships.

Leveraging the Faculty of Engineering’s research and educational programs, the EngInE’s two-fold mission is  1) to help develop the next-generation of McGill technological innovators and entrepreneurs by providing education and advice, funding, and mentorship; and 2) to increase engagement and R&D collaborations between innovation-driven companies and the Faculty of Engineering by providing matching and facilitation services. The vision for the EngInE is that it significantly contributes to the McGill and Montreal entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems. Entrepreneurship requires a range of skills and attitudes, aspirations, activities, support, and networks. In the longer term, successful entrepreneurship positively feeds back into the ecosystem, as experienced entrepreneurs often become mentors, advisors, angel investors, venture capitalists, philanthropists, and public speakers that serve to support and inspire others. Industrial R&D collaborations with universities are enhanced through facilitation between the parties and access to talent, expertise and in some cases specialized equipment as part of the technological innovation strategy. Companies that can harness outside ideas (deeper, broader, different perspectives) to advance their own businesses while leveraging their internal ideas outside their current operations will likely thrive in this new era of open innovation.