Scientific Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Creating a new economic, cultural, and social environment


Dr. Orna Berry is a renowned entrepreneur, known for promoting excellence and innovation in Israel. Dr. Berry has held various key positions including Chief Scientist and Director of the Industrial...

Photo Contest


You are cordially invited to attend the 11th Annual Faculty of Engineering Photography Exhibition!M815 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 0C2, CA/engineeringCategory: Faculty of Engineering

McGill Engineering Research Showcase - MERS


Join us for the 5th annual McGill Engineering Research Showcase, a forum for industry to connect with our graduate students and faculty and a celebration of our Faculty of Engineering graduate...

Engineering students share their passion for STEM

24 Jan 2019

As society becomes increasingly integrated with technology, the need to educate students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) becomes ever more paramount. However, Canada lags...

Landmark gift to McGill’s Faculty of Engineering deepens support for doctoral students and graduate research

16 Jan 2019

A landmark $15-million gift from McGill alumnus Les Vadasz, a founding member of Intel Corporation, and his wife Judy Vadasz, will enhance the prestigious doctoral fellowship program that bears...

Imitating nature to build a more sustainable world

28 Nov 2018

What could be greener than solar panels? They generate renewable energy, a key to fighting climate change. Yet the components that go into them often include toxic or non-sustainable materials....

McGill and Ubisoft join forces to create believable virtual characters

28 Nov 2018

The often quoted idiom “seeing is believing” is put to the test in virtual gaming worlds, where despite recent advances, 3D graphics applications still fail to reflect the physics of motion,...

A science fair fit for a king, or a Prime Minister

14 Nov 2018

School science fairs, it must be admitted, are nothing new. Typically, a group of young students stand in front of posters or beakers, explaining their projects to nervous parents or equally...


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