How to Change the World

How to Change the World is an experiential education program that empowers people, organisations and communities to collaboratively tackle our world’s most important challenges...and achieve lasting impact!

How to Change the World March 2023 Reading Week Bootcamp

February 27, 2023 - March 3, 2023

Empower is pleased to be offering the opportunity for a cohort of students to attend the multi-institutional, fully virtual, interactive team-based and intensive ‘Bootcamp’ program. Applications are welcome from all undergraduate and graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering.

Applications for the March 2023 Reading Week Bootcamp are now OPEN.

For more information about the program and how to apply:

March 2023 Reading Week Bootcamp

What to expect from the program

When students participate in a How to Change the World program they have the opportunity to work with diverse groups of new colleagues, and learn how to harness what each person brings to the table while being guided through effectively tackling complex societal challenges. By the end of the program, students know how to develop collaborative, implementable solutions that can make a real difference.

The team behind How to Change the World believes our societies already have most of the technical, economic and social know-how needed to tackle the daunting challenges humanity faces today. Yet it seems we rarely bring all that knowledge and talent together in one place to collaboratively develop the solutions our societies urgently need.

To address this, How to Change the World designs and delivers education programs that guide individuals, organisations and communities through collaborative learning journeys — journeys that enable everyone involved to distill complex challenges into implementable ideas for positive change. Their goal is to help you transform seemingly hopeless complexity into concrete solutions that make a difference!

What students get from the experience

With unprecedented challenges facing our societies today, it’s more important than ever to feel like our education will help make a difference. Yet despite growing awareness and urgency, it’s often hard to know how to apply our hard-earned knowledge to make that contribution.

The experiential learning journey guides students to:

  • work with highly diverse teams of new colleagues;
  • explore how complex societal challenges manifest in real local contexts;
  • design solutions that engage the unique collective expertise of your team;
  • showcase their ideas for experts and partners who can help take the ideas forward towards implementation;
  • network with partner organisations that are seeking interns;
  • connect with organisations that are currently offering funded internship opportunities.

After completing the experiential program, students will be able to:

  • efficiently understand and analyse complex societal challenges;
  • identify opportunities for their expertise to contribute to tackling these challenges, particularly in partnership with a diverse range of new colleagues and organisations;
  • collaboratively develop creative, workable solutions — including new product and service ideas — that build on those opportunities;
  • work with and lead highly diverse teams that span disciplines, organisations and sectors; and
  • perceive a much wider range of opportunities available, now and throughout their career ahead, to engage with and make a real difference;
  • continue relationships with colleagues and partner organisations to explore both internship opportunities and entrepreneurial endeavours.
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