Student Initiatives Funding Request Form

SIF application form

The Student Initiatives Funding (SIF) program is only available to Undergraduate and Graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering (downtown campus).

Initiatives/events/teams should having secured other funding before application to SIF, should be able to fund their initiative/event without support from MESC. You should not complete the form until other funding has been secured, as you will be asked to provide proof with your SIF application.


General Information:

  • Applications must be submitted via this online form
  • You may submit your application before OR after the event/initiative for which you are requesting funding has occurred.
  • By completing this form, you allow the Faculty of Engineering to release, as deemed appropriate, information pertaining to your student group to the Donor(s), the University Advancement (UA) and to the McGill Engineering Student Centre.

Deadlines to apply:

  • Fall term: Application submitted by September 30 = Reviewed & processed by October / November
  • Winter term: Application submitted by January 31 = Reviewed & processed in February / March
  • Summer term: Application submitted by May 31 = Reviewed & processed in June /July

Once you receive funding:

  • An Annual Report of Activities, a statement of participation in recruitment/outreach activities, and the original RECEIPTS FOR ALL EXPENDITURES will be required for all initiatives that have been selected for funding support (students that submit their receipts to EUS you must provide an EUS report in lieu of the receipts). The deadlines for submission of these documents are: Fall – December 15th; Winter – April 15th; Summer - August 31st.
    • Teams/groups that do not submit reports/receipts will not be considered for future funding.
    • Please also be aware that as requestor you are responsible for submitting the 1-page summary report along with receipts. These reports will be read by MESC, the Dean, University Advancement Office, Donors and/or other units.
  • Mandatory new 1-page report (form fillable).

Contact MESC:

If you have additional questions relating to this form or the Student Initiative Funding Request process, please email us at [at] (Student Initiatives Funding - Inquiries).


  • Unused funds must be returned to the McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC)
  • Funding decisions will not be made during the add/drop period.
  • A student association/club/organization/team should be able to fund their event without support from MESC.
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