Readmission/Returning students

In order to be considered for readmission you are not permitted to study elsewhere during your time away from McGill. If you intend on or have taken courses outside of McGill (not including Inter-University Transfer (IUT), or exchange, or study away programs.) and wish to return to your studies at McGill, you must apply for admission as a brand new student: Apply | Undergraduate Admissions - McGill University.

Newly admitted students are only eligible for readmission if they withdrew from the University after the withdrawal with refund deadline.

In other words, newly admitted students who withdrew from the University before the withdrawal with refund deadline and receive a refund, will need to re-apply through Admissions. Refer to for more information.

Application Dates

Winter: October 1st to December 1st
Fall: March 1st to June 1st
Summer: March 1st to April 20th

This information is for engineering students who:

  • are not currently registered and wish to be readmitted back into the Faculty of Engineering
  • wish to be readmitted and change Faculties (transfer) – only for Fall terms.

All programs are available to engineering students for readmission in both Fall and Winter terms. Students interested in applying for Fall term readmission may request to take courses in summer term and would apply for readmission to Summer term instead. Summer term applications will be considered under the condition that the student is able to demonstrate, at the time of application, that they will be present to complete the course. The selected course(s) must be included in the comments section of the Summer readmission application.

Students applying for readmission to Architecture are requested to confirm their application submission by emailing luciana.adoyo [at] (Luciana Adoyo), Student Adviser, School of Architecture.

Readmission following Academic Standing Decisions

The readmission/ returning status applies to students whose most recent academic standing is one of the following, and who would like to return to the Faculty of Engineering:

I. Students in Unsatisfactory Standing or Probationary Standing

This applies to students who wish to return to the Faculty of Engineering after a compulsory absence of a minimum of one term.

II. Students currently in Satisfactory Standing or Probationary Standing

This applies to students whose most recent academic standing is satisfactory or probationary and who wish to return to the Faculty of Engineering after an absence of one or more terms.

III. Readmit/Transfer (only available for Fall term)

This applies to engineering students who are currently in good academic standing, would like to return to McGill University after an absence of one term or more, AND who wish to transfer programs.
The application will be treated as a transfer application and will be processed by means of the faculty transfer guidelines. Students are to contact the future faculty for the program transfer requirements.

Documents Required:

Summary of Activities: It is mandatory that all students who apply under the Readmission status must submit a summary of activities since last registered at McGill, using the comment section of the application form.

Students who withdrew due to illness and have been readmitted are strongly encouraged to reduce their course load to 13 credits and meet with an academic advisor.

Note: Readmission decisions are made independently of registration holds. Registration will not be permitted until holds are cleared.

If your immigration documents are not valid to study in the upcoming semester, please immediately contact International Student Services

How to apply for Readmission

  1. Login to Minerva using your McGill ID and PIN.
  2. Select the Student Menu.
  3. Select the Student Records Menu.
  4. Select Faculty Transfers / Readmission Menu.
  5. Follow the steps on the menu screen to proceed with the application you desire: Readmission.

NOTE: Students applying to Architecture will be evaluated by the School of Architecture and should email luciana.adoyo [at] (Luciana Adoyo), Student Adviser, School of Architecture regarding submission of their application and architecture portfolio.

Application Status

Students are required to verify on Minerva the status of their application often to determine whether any additional information is required and respond promptly.

Applications that remain incomplete two weeks following the application deadline will be refused.

Application Decision

Students will receive an email notification when their status changes. Following a Faculty Approved status, it is mandatory that the student accept or decline the offer on the Minerva application. This must be done within three weeks of the change of status to avoid cancellation of the offer.

Accepted students are to read the letter of offer carefully as there may be further steps to complete before registration may begin.

Where an offer has been accepted, the student’s record will reflect the new program within a few days of acceptance. Once the new program appears on Minerva, the student may begin registering in the courses applicable to the new program.

New Program Advising

Academic advising is MANDATORY in the Faculty of Engineering.

The letter of offer on Minerva provides information to students on when to attend their departmental advising session.


If you have more questions about transferring programs or readmission, you can either book an appointment or send an [at] (email).

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