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Applications to undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Engineering are handled through Enrolment Services. Please visit Applying to McGill to learn more about the application process, such as:

  • Application deadlines
  • Admissions criteria
  • Special requirements for specific programs
  • Language proficiency requirements
  • Visa requirements
  • Transcript requirements
  • Apply online
  • Request for information


Placement Examinations

Applicants to the Faculty of Engineering from outside Quebec who believe they have taken the equivalent of one or more introductory college-level science courses, but who do not have acceptable certification to that effect, should inquire at Enrolment Services as to their eligibility to take Placement Examinations at McGill for credit. These examinations will be held prior to, or during, the week of registration. Further information is included in the Welcome booklet that is sent to all students with their letters of acceptance.

CEGEP, High School, University Transfer, and Mature Students

Please refer to Applicants from other universities or colleges.

McGill Transfers

Please refer to Faculty Transfers & Readmissions.

Special Students

The Special Student status is available to the following applicants:

  1. Engineering and Architecture graduates wishing to update their previous educational background
  2. Candidates from the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec
  3. Candidates from the Ordre des Architectes du Québec

​Please visit Admissions for Special Student application deadlines.

Visiting Students

Applications are welcomed from visiting students who are interested in taking courses to satisfy degree requirements at their home university.

Please visit Admissions for application deadlines.

Mature Students

McGill University has an admissions policy designed for mature candidates (23 years of age or older) who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and who lack the academic background normally required for admission. A mature applicant is an individual who has not studied previously in a college or university undergraduate program.

For Admissions requirements, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions Guide.

Architecture has a limited enrolment policy and the available places are offered to those candidates who possess the most outstanding qualifications.

Applicants are urged to consult the Faculty Student Advisor, Student Affairs Office, before making plans for leaving employment in order to pursue studies.

Please visit the Admissions site for application deadlines.


Please refer to the Transfer/Readmission site. 

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