About us

Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Engineering (ELATE) is an initiative that aims to foster learning communities comprising of undergraduate and graduate students, teaching assistants, and academic...

AV and Tech for Teaching

Audiovisual (AV) Resources for Classrooms...

Past Projects

Stay on Track Program 2020-2021

Course Design and Assessment

Course Outlines Resources on how to design or redesign a course outline.

For Students

Explore our resources and programs aimed at enhancing learning for students in the Faculty of Engineering. Student Success Project Enhance your study skills and general wellbeing strategies

For Instructors

ELATE is happy to support teaching enhancement and innovation in the Faculty of Engineering through various offerings including individual consultations, discussion groups, funding opportunities,...

Funding Opportunities and Awards

As part of the Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Engineering (ELATE) initiative, funding is available to support various initiatives that can provide concrete teaching and learning enhancement in...


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