About us

Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Engineering (ELATE) is an initiative that aims to foster learning communities comprising of undergraduate and graduate students, teaching assistants, and academic and non-academic staff with the objective of enhancing and promoting excellence in the learning and teaching experience in the Faculty of Engineering.

Strategic Objectives

  • Support a culture of critical thinking about teaching and learning
  • Promote the use of evidence-based practices in teaching and learning
  • Nurture a community of life-long learners within the Faculty of Engineering
  • Develop and support research in Engineering Education

Selected Publications

ELATE is proud to contribute to the advancement of the field of engineering education through participation in conferences and academic publications. Below is a selection of publications authored by past and present ELATE team members (identified by an asterix*) as well those authored by faculty members leading ELATE-supported projects.

If you are interested in working with ELATE on a research project, please contact elate.engineering [at] mcgill.ca (our team) or see our funding opportunities and awards.



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