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Faculty of Religious Studies

Summer 2015 course offerings

RELG 203 Bible and Western Culture
RELG 207 The Study of World Religions 1
RELG 270 Religious Ethics and the Environment
RELG 356 Gender and Sexuality in Hinduism
RELG 572 Religion and Global Politics

Summer 2015 Internship awards

Barbara and Patrick Keenan Undergraduate Internship Awards for Interfaith Studies
Established in 2012 by Barbara Keenan, BA 1954 and Patrick Keenan, BCom 1954, CA 1957. Awarded by the Faculty of Religious Studies to undergraduate students participating in an internship related to interfaith studies in an international setting, allowing first-hand experience of religious cultures in a global context. The host organization can be a religious NGO or any other institution active on the interfaith field. Organizations promoting proselytization are excluded. The Award is meant to provide partial funding to assist students with travel and other expenses related to their internship. Open to McGill undergraduate students in all faculties who have completed at least two courses in religious studies. Students must be returning to McGill the semester following the internship. Internships normally take place between May and September 2015.

Applications must be submitted through the Arts Internship Office by April 20 (not March 16 as indicated for most Faculty of Arts internships on the AIO website).

For application information click here.