Profiles List

Mikaël Bauer

Academic title(s): Assistant Professor, Japanese Religions (Buddhism);  Chair, B.A. Committee (2018-2019)

Lara E. Braitstein

Academic title(s): Associate Professor, Indo-Tibetan Buddhism

Daniel M. Cere

Academic title(s): Associate Professor of Religion, Law, and Public Policy

Douglas Farrow

Academic title(s): Professor of Theology and Christian Thought sometime holder of the Kennedy Smith Chair in Catholic Studies

Gaelle Fiasse

Academic title(s): Associate Professor joint position with the Department of Philosophy

Garth W. Green

Academic title(s): John W. McConnell Professor of Philosophy of Religion Director of School of Religious Studies

Ian H. Henderson

Academic title(s): Associate Professor, New Testament Studies; Chair, B.Th. Program and Policies committee and B.Th. Admissions and Awards Committee; B.Th. Academic Advisor; S.T.M. Academic Advisor

Jim Kanaris

Academic title(s): Associate Professor

W.J. Torrance Kirby

Academic title(s): Professor of Ecclesiastical History Fellow of the Royal Historical Society

Patricia G. Kirkpatrick

Academic title(s): Associate Professor, Old Testament Studies Chair, Biblical Studies Area

Samuel Nelson

Academic title(s): Assistant Professor

Gerbern S. Oegema

Academic title(s): Professor, Biblical Studies; Director of Centre for Research on Religion

Andrea Pinkney

Academic title(s): Associate Professor, South Asian Religions (on sabbatical leave in 2017-2018)

Armando Salvatore

Academic title(s): Barbara and Patrick Keenan Chair in Interfaith Studies  Professor of Global Religious Studies (Society and Politics)    

Arvind Sharma

Academic title(s): Birks Professor in Comparative Religion

Hamsa Stainton

Academic title(s): Assistant Professor, South Asian Religions (Hinduism)

Heidi Wendt

Academic title(s): Assistant Professor of Religions, Greco-Roman World, a joint appointment with the Department of History and Classical Studies