Mikaël Bauer

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Assistant Professor, Japanese Religions (Buddhism);  Chair, B.A. Committee (2018-2019)

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3520 University Street, Montreal, Quebec
H3A 2A7, Canada

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mikael.bauer [at] mcgill.ca

B.A., M.A. (Louvain)
Ph.D. (Harvard)

Curriculum vitae: 
Awards, honours, and fellowships: 


Sasakawa Foundation Research Grant, 2013.

Japan Foundation Research Grant for project ‘The Institutional and Doctrinal History of Kōfukuji’, 2012.

Reischauer Institute Supplementary Dissertation Grant, 2010-2011.

Research Fellowship from the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism (BDK), Kyoto Prefectural University, January-August 2009.

Japan Foundation Research Fellowship, declined in favor of the BDK Fellowship, January-August 2009.

Reischauer Institute Graduate Student Associate, 2007-2010.

Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies: Language Study Fellowship, Kanbun Workshop at the University of Southern California, July-August 2006.

Research Fellowship of the Japanese Government, Ōsaka University of Foreign Studies, Japan, October 2002- April 2004.

Honda Foundation Fellowship, Kanazawa University, Japan, September 2002.

Europalia Japan-Belgium Fellowship, Kanazawa University, Japan, August 2001- December 2001.


RELG 253 Religions of East Asia 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

RELG 352 Japanese Relig: Hist & Thought 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

RELG 354 Chinese Religions 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

Selected publications: 

Bauer, Mikael. “The Chronicle of Kamatari Kamatari den 鎌足傳 A short introduction to and translation of the first part of the History of the Fujiwara House.” Asiatische Studien/Études Asiatiques 71/2, 2017, pp. 477-496.

“Religion in Nara and Heian Japan.” Karl Friday ed. Routledge Handbook of Premodern Japanese History. Routledge, 2017, 233-247.

‘The absence of the private: The Jion-e and public ritual in pre-modern Japan.’ Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist studies, third series, 16, 2014.

‘Conflating Monastic and Imperial Lineage: The Retired Emperors’ Period Reformulated.’ Monumenta Nipponica 67:2, 2012/12.

‘Monastic Lineages and Ritual Participation: A Proposed Revision of Kuroda Toshio’s Kenmitsu Taisei.’ Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist studies, third series, 14, 2012."

‘The Yuima-e as Theatre of the State.’ The Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Vol. 38, pp. 161-179, Fall 2011.

Book reviews:

Review: Real and Imagined: The Peak of Gold in Heian Japan.” Heather Blair, Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 2015. Pacific World: Third Series, Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies 18, 2016, pp. 219-223.

‘A Review of ‘A New History of Shinto.’’ John Breen and Mark Teeuwen, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, 2010, 226 pp. Japan Forum, 2012.


Public lecture

'The Wings of the Sovereign: The Religious and Institutional Policies of Fujiwara no Nakamaro (706-764)' Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University, April 14, 2017.