Undergraduate Programs


Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

Bachelor of Arts programs in the School of Religious Studies explore the many cultural, historical and political issues related to both Eastern and Western religions, and to religion in comparative perspective. Major and Minor concentrations in Religious Studies are available, as well as Honours and Joint Honours programs in Religious Studies.

BA Program Information

Bachelor of Theology (B.Th)

The Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) offers academic instruction in the disciplines of theology and a more intensive study of Christianity. The B.Th. degree can be pursued independently or in preparation for ordained ministry and other careers in pastoral settings such as hospitals and schools.

BTh Program Information

Course Syllabi Fall 2020

CATH 200 Introduction to Catholicism

CATH 310 Catholic Intellectual Traditiions

CATH 315 Catholicism and Ethics

CATH 325 Mystery and the Imagination

PDF icon RELG 201 Religions of the Ancient Near East

PDF icon relg202_fall201_revised_july13-2021.pdf RELG 202 Religion of Ancient Israel

RELG 205 Death and Dying

PDF icon RELG 210 Jesus of Nazareth

PDF icon RELG 252 Hinduism and Buddhism

RELG 257D1 Introductory Sanskrit

RELG 271 Religion and Sexuality

PDF icon RELG 300 Second Temple Judaism

RELG 303 Literature of Ancient Israel 2

PDF icon RELG 309 World Religions and the Cultures They Create

RELG 310 Canadian Church History

RELG 311 Formation of the New Testament

RELG 319 Special Topics in Religion 4

PDF icon RELG 322 Church and Empire to 1300

RELG 325 Varieties Religious Experience in Christianity

RELG 326 Christians in the Roman World

PDF icon RELG 331 Religion and Globalization

PDF icon RELG 334 Christian Thought and Culture

PDF icon RELG 341 Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion

343 Topics: Philosophy of Religion

PDF icon RELG 352 Japanese Religions: History and Thought

RELG 353 Gandhi: His Life and Thought

PDF icon RELG 354 Chinese Religions

PDF icon RELG 357D1 Sanskrit 2

PDF icon RELG 358 Religion and Cinema in India

PDF icon RELG 369 Tibetan Buddhism

RELG 370 Religion and Human Rights

PDF icon RELG 373 Christian Ethics of Love

RELG 381 Advanced New Testament Greek

RELG 390D1 Elementary Biblical Hebrew

RELG 407 The Writings

RELG 423 Reformation Thought

PDF icon RELG 434 Principles of Theology

RELG 445 Modern Buddhism

PDF icon RELG 451 Zen Buddhism: Poetry and Art

PDF icon RELG 456 Theories of Religion

PDF icon RELG 457D1 Advance Sanskrit

RELG 464 Advanced Tibetan 1

RELG 547 Special Topics in Hinduism

RELG 551 Special Topics in Buddhism

RELG 572 Religion and Global Politics


Course Syllabi Winter 2022

CATH 220 Selected Topics in Catholic Studies

CATH 335 Confessions of Saint Augustine

PDF icon CATH 370 Confessions of Augustine

CATH 460 Catholic Studies Seminar

PDF icon RELG 203 Bible and Western Culture

PDF icon RELG 204 Judaism, Christianity and Islam

PDF icon RELG 204 Judaism, Christianity and Islam

PDF icon RELG 253 Religions of East Asia

PDF icon RELG 254 Introduction to Yoga Traditions

RELG 257D2 Introductory Sanskrit

PDF icon RELG 270 Religious Ethics and the Environment

PDF icon RELG 288 Introduction to Sikhism

RELG 302 Literature of Ancient Israel 1

PDF icon RELG 323 Church and State since 1300

RELG 312 The Gospels

RELG 318 Special Topics in Religion 3

RELG 323 Church and State since 1300

RELG 325 Varities Religious Experience in Christianity

PDF icon ​​​​​​​RELG 333 Principles of Theology

RELG 336 Contemporary Theological Issues

RELG 338 Women and the Christian Tradition

PDF icon RELG 348 Classical Hinduism

RELG 357D2 Sanskrit 2

RELG 372 Hindu Goddesses

RELG 375 Religion, Politics and Society

RELG 390D2

RELG 410 Paul and His Legacy

RELG 411 New Testament Exegesis

RELG 423 Reformation Thought

RELG 423 Reformation Thought

RELG 450 The Way of the Kami

RELG 453 Vajrayana Buddhism

RELG 457D2 Advanced Sanskrit

PDF icon RELG 470 Theological Ethics

RELG 479 Christianity in Global Perspective

RELG 482 Exegesis of Greek New Testament

RELG 492 Biblical Hebrew Poetry

RELG 535 Currents in Philosophy of Religion

RELG 555 Honours Seminar

RELG 556 Issues in Buddhist Studies

RELG 560 Buddist Poetry

RELG 571 Ethics, Medicine and Religiion



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