Student research

The School of Religious Studies supports a wide range of vibrant student research projects by graduate and undergraduate students. School of Religious Studies students are active in presenting the results of their thesis and course research at national and international conferences, as well as publishing in peer-reviewed journals. They are active as student members of the leading learned societies in the field. On several occasions, the School has also hosted the Eastern International Regional meetings of the American Academy of Religion at which many graduate students present their work. 

Our Ph.D. Students

Name Email Address Research Interests
Fawaz Abdul Salam fawaz.abdulsalam [at] Islam; Urban Spaces/Institutions; Ottoman/Modern Turkish History
David Anthony Basham david.basham [at] New Testament; Christian Origins; Second Temple Judaism
Jason Blakeburn jason.blakeburn [at] Philosophy of religion; Continental philosophy of religion; Meontology; German Idealism; Death of God Thought; History and methods of Religious Studies; Heidegger; Schelling; Tragedy
Andrew Brockman andrew.brockman [at] Hebrew Bible; Pentatuechal Narrative; Deuteronomistic History; Source Criticism
Peter Bullerwell peter.bullerwell [at] Christian Platonism; Sacramental Theology; Richard Hooker
Hamdi Selman Çetin hamdi.cetin [at] Turkish Integration in Europa and North America; Diaspora; Multiculturalism; Religion and Identity
Sujata Chaudhary sujata.chaudhary [at] Secularism in India; Colonial Period; Law and Religion; Caste; North India
Gregory Doyle gregory.doyle [at] Historical theology (1st-6th CE); Gregory of Nyssa
Christian Finnigan christian.finnigan [at] History of Political Thought; Reformation Studies; Intellectual History; Early Modern Europe; Political Theology; Ecclesiastical History; British History; Medieval Studies; Legal History; Jurisprudence; Law and Religion
Daniel Fishley daniel.fishley [at] Modern Christian Theology, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Secular Studies, Philosophy of History
Andrew Fulford andrew.fulford [at] English Reformation; Richard Hooker; Reformation; John Calvin; Protestant scholasticism
Daniel Giorgio daniel.giorgio [at] Apostle Paul and Pauline literature; Epistle to the Hebrews; New Testament and Christian Origins
Matheus Grillo matheus.decarvalho [at] Second Temple Judaism; Angels; Ritual; Hebrew Bible
Chulthim Gurung chulthim.gurung [at] Buddhist psychology; Tibetan Buddhism; mind and mental factors
Daniel Heide daniel.heide [at] Greek Patristics; Mystical Theology; Neoplatonism; Liturgy
Chung Chih Hong chungchih.hong [at] Christianity and Indigenous societies; Indigenous women in Taiwan
Ryan Jones ryan.jones3 [at] Buddhist Studies; Tibetan Buddhism; Historiography; Biography
Malith Jongkuch Kur malith.kur [at] Role of religion in peacebuilding; Reconciliation; Post-conflict reconstruction
Marie-Ève Melanson marie-eve.melanson [at]

Religion and Law; Political Philosophy; Freedom of Religion; Pluralism; Secularism; Minority Rights; Canadian Studies

Adrien Moevus adrien.moevus [at] Indian Buddhism; Tibetan Buddhism; Sanskrit; Classical Tibetan; Mahāmudrā
Prudence Sirri Neba prudence.neba [at] African Women; Bible Studies; Judges; Esther
Matthew Nini matthew.nini [at] Philosophy of religion; German Idealism; Hermeneutics; Neo-Platonism
Naznin Patel naznin.patel [at] Renaissance Italian Thought; Marsilio Ficino; Islamic Philosophy; Reception History; Translation Movements
Matilda Perks matilda.perks [at] History of Tibetan Buddhism; Buddhist Modernism; New Religious Movements; Historiography; Life-writing
Helena Reddington helena.reddington [at] South Indian Performing Arts; Malayalam Language and Literature; Religious and Social History of Kerala; Secularism in India
Shaun Retallick shaun.retallick [at] Church history; Historical theology; Ecclesiology; Political theology; Nominalism/realism
Lucie Robathan lucie.robathan [at] Ethics; Gender and Feminist theory; Post-structuralism; New Phenomenology
Amanda Rosini amanda.rosini [at] Biblical Law; Literature of the Ancient Near East; Ancient Near Eastern Scribalism; National Identity Formation; Gender Studies
Ryan Scruggs ryan.scruggs [at] Historical and Systematic Theology; Irenaeus; Thomas Merton
Adam Smith adam.smith4 [at] Phenomenology; German Idealism; French Spiritualism; Neoplatonism; Medieval Scholasticism; Metaphysics; Afro-pessimism; Political Theology; Michel Henry
Lauren Steinman lauren.steinman [at] Extremism; Violence; Politicized Religions; Anti-Semitism; Anti-Zionist Rhetoric/Propaganda; White Supremacy; Neo-Nazism; Religion & the Law; Religion & Public Policy; LGBTQ Rights; Religious Freedom
Tsoncho Tsonchev tsoncho.tsonchev [at] Political Theology; Christian Ethics; Russian Religious and Political Thought; Intellectual History; Political Ideologies and Regimes
Kevin Walker kevin.walker [at] Patristics; German Mysticism; Neo-Platonism
Anna Lee White annalee.white [at] Religions in South Asia; bhakti (devotional) literature; History of religions; Hindi; Sanskrit
Hary Widyantoro hary.widyantoro [at] Religion and Law; Gender and Sexuality; Freedom of Religion


Our M.A. Students

Name Email Address Research Interests
Nael Abd El-Rahaman nael.abdel-rahaman [at] Islamic Studies; Philosophy; Islamic Philosophy; Theology
Josianne Barrette-Moran josianne.barrette-moran [at] Theology; Bioethics; Narrative Ethics; Spiritual Care; Moral Imagination; Storytelling; Paul Ricoeur; Martha Montello
Soham Chintha sri.chintha [at] South Asian Religions; History of Religion; Secularism; Ethnography; Philology
Alex Dieplam alexander.dieplam [at] East Asian Buddhism; Central Asian Buddhism; Sanskrit
Rachel Kelleher rachel.kelleher [at] Gender and Religion; Medieval Christianity; Women, Religion, and Public Policy; Philosophy and the Critique of Patriarchy
James Newman james.newman2 [at] Biblical Studies; Literature of the Ancient Near East; Kingship and State Formation in Ancient Israel; Political Ideologies in the Ancient Near East
Ian Plamondon ian.plamondon [at] Mystics; Philosophical Theology; Philosophy of Religion; Psychology of Religion; Religious Ethics; Political Theology; Theological Epistemology; Comparative Studies


Recent Graduates

Name Email Address Research Interests
Anne-Marie de Vreede (M.A.) anne.devreede [at] Philosophy of religion; German Idealism; Johann Gottlieb Fichte; Baruch de Spinoza; Christian Neo-Platonism
Jingjing Li (Ph.D.) jingjing.li2 [at] Yogacara Buddhism; Chinese Philosophy; Modern Phenomenology; German Idealism
Paolo Livieri (Ph.D.) paolo.livieri [at] Philosophy of Religion; German Idealism; Theoretical Philosophy; G.W.F. Hegel; F.H. Jacobi; I. Kant; Plato


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