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Our 2023 Grafstein Lecture was given by incoming Society for Neuroscience President Dr. Marina Picciotto. Click on the link to watch her talk!

Integrated Program in Neuroscience

 World leader in neuroscience education, research and leadership

Welcome to McGill University's Integrated Program in Neuroscience (IPN)Comprising more than 650 graduate students and 230 supervisors, IPN is the largest graduate neuroscience program in North America. 

IPN is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental graduate program. Our students and supervisors execute cutting-edge research in diverse fields of neuroscience, ranging from cellular and molecular, to behavioural and cognitive. By allowing our students to conduct research in multiple branches of neuroscience and to enrol in elective courses across disciplines, we ensure that IPN trainees are well-rounded in both the classroom and the lab.

In alignment with its high academic and research standards, The IPN offers various funding opportunities and hosts lectures, seminars, and symposia every year. We also value the graduate student experience by working closely with our student association, Graduate Students' Association for Neuroscience (GSAN), and our award-winning community outreach group, BrainReach. 


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