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Applying for IPN Supervisory Privilege
Admissions' Database of Students
The IPN Letter of Understanding (LoU) between Supervisor and Student
Taking on Rotation Program Students
Funding Opportunities for Your Students

Applying for IPN Supervisory Privilege

To request supervisory privilege in the IPN, you must e-mail the following documents to ipn [at] :

  • A brief (1 page) summary of your research interests
    • Must include your supervision philosophy, your approach to training and mentoring graduate students, relevant training on supervision and EDI, etc.
  • CV
    • Must include your research funding history
  • Proof of current academic status at McGill
    • i.e., Are you tenure track, CAS, etc.? If CAS, there must be specifics on the duration of the contract, whether it is renewable, etc. Applicants normally forward a copy of the letter of employment that McGill provides when hiring new staff. You may edit the letter to retain confidential information, but the letter must indicate your status, and the term, if there is one.


Admissions' Database of Students

Student applications which have met IPN requirements can be browsed through the Admissions' Database

Please note that you will need to log in with the database username and password to gain access to the database. If you need your login information to be re-sent to you, contact ipn.admissions [at]


The IPN Letter of Understanding between Supervisor and Student

IPN has implemented a Letter of Understanding (LoU) that must be accepted by student and supervisor, before the supervisor may take on the student. Once filled out by the supervisor, the letter should detail what is expected of the student, e.g. the number of hours to work in the lab, conference attendance policy, lab policy on publications etc. The LoU was introduced to protect both student and supervisor in case of conflict, and also to clarify the nature of how each lab is run. Students MUST read this carefully. If a student thinks some of the expectations are unreasonable, they should be negotiated with the supervisor before  the student agrees to the letter.

A blank copy of the Letter of Understanding can be found here. Please note that this blank copy is provided only as a reference copy for viewing purposes. In order to access and complete an official LOU, you must access the online student database and click the 'supervise' button. 


Taking on Rotation Program Students

In September 2010, the IPN started the Ph.D. Rotation Program. A few, hand-picked, talented students will be doing 3 three-month rotations during the first year of their studies. At the end of this year, during which their stipend is paid by IPN, they will pick a supervisor with whom to complete their Ph.D.

The rotation program has two goals. One is to expose students to a wide range of research going on at McGill and help them establish lasting acquaintanceships that they can draw on for collaborations in the future, regardless of which lab they end up choosing for their Ph.D. in year 2. The other goal is to help place students as well as possible in a matched doctoral research lab.

As a supervisor who wishes to take on Rotation students, here is what we require of you

  • Physical space in your lab for the student;
  • A meaningful short-term project, OR, an ongoing project in which the student can be actively engaged, and thus can gain experience.



  • If you can take on a student for a rotation, but cannot commit to having the student for a full Ph.D., do let the students know and they can choose whether or not to use up a rotation slot in your lab.
  • IPN strongly recommends that you take on no more than two first-year rotation students in any academic year.
  • If you decide to take on a Ph.D. Rotation student during their year 1, their stipend will be covered by IPN's Rotation program. Should you take on a Rotation student for their Ph.D. in year 2, you will be responsible for the stipend, just as you would be for a regular IPN student.
  • If you wish to be added or removed form the list of supervisors who wish to take on rotation students, please contact projects.ipn [at]


Funding Opportunities for Your Students

CONACyT (Mexican students)

EDUCAFIN (Mexican students)

China Scholarship Council (CSC) Joint Scholarship Program

For more funding opportunities, please visit our 'Tuition & Funding' web page.



Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS)

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS)

IT Services


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